The War of Bishops

The War of Bishops was a period of political instability in the First Empire of Ader that escelated to a civil war, from 129 to 141 ᗲ3 (750 to 762 AC) caused by The Twin Assassinations. This period ended when Arch Bishop Victor Mangus managed to unite both his followers and adversaries against a common enemy, beginning the The 2nd Vintian Crusades.   The tribes of Kavir break off from the church. The church took 12 years to pull the warring sides back together and declare proper laws of succession.

The Conflict


Political Instability

As word of the twin assassinations spread, any person holding some political power began consolidating their loyalists and forming alliances; with the church being so powerful while holding sway over the masses, it was clear that the bishops were major players in the game to come.   Initially, the Arch Bishop of Nymm, Ambrosi Davituliani, managed to unite most bishops under the single cause of finding a proper monarch; however, in 130 ᗲ3 (751 AC), he was thrown off a balcony by an unknown assailent while preaching a sermon, allegedly hired by another Bishop of Nymm, Melaenis Hiberus. This shattered the fragile alliance, splitting the andorian lands over their fight for leadership.  


With this public act of hostility, all pretenses of civility were dropped, and bishops' retinues included men in their hundreds. armies behing them. 752 The argument escalate when a church of Nymm was burnt in Ernhaven during a brawl.  

Civil War

753 - 759 The event sparked a war between the east and west sides of Lake Kadia.  

Consolidations and Secessions

751 - 756, including Arkford
753 - 756
754 - 762  

The Vintian Crusades

Proposed in 755

War for Arch Priesthood




Conflict Type
Start Date
15 of Midspri
Ending Date
3 of Midfal
Conflict Result
  • Secession of Kavir from the empire.
  • Codification of rules of succession


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