Lagia Tanniford (Lˈa.ʝa)

Her Highness Equesa Lagia Serena Tanniford

The Duchess of Arkford Lagia Tanniford, also known as The Bitch of Arkford, is the head of House Tanniford and the ruler of the Duchy of Arkford.   She served as an equesa in the Aderian Royal Army where she reached the rank of cavalry captain. She was also the first woman to be nominated for promotion to champion cavalier but disqualified herself when she succeeded the role of duchess from her father after his death in 1563.


Religious Views

Lagia grew in a religious household, and from a young age was increasingly devout in her mind to serve in the ARA. With Eyre being her patron god, some assume her furious conviction stemmed from her upbringing; this notion is supported by the fact that even though her younger sister is a follower of the merciful Nymm, she chose to weave her path, being the first women of Aderian higher nobility to become a sister of the orchid.

Social Aptitude

In 1553, two weeks after being promoted from flank leader to cavalry captain, Lagia was sent to suppress large scale riots that erupted under an immoral Baron in a southern Arkenvere. Per orders given to her she was to command two veteran companies and a small contingent of cavaliers (with two flank leaders) as they march to the town of Valpagoa where the riots began. There she was to assess the situation and calm the populace.   In practice, she was given command of a regular company and one Silent Company, with no cavalry officers. Lagia's force was ambushed as it arrived to the town's outskirts, attacked by extremists who wished to secede from the Duchy of Arkenvere. Though enraged, Lagia didn't immediately turn to violence; this changed following initial reconnaissance, as it was discovered that the uprising included a disturbingly large number of maleficars. This, with the specific company she was given, was seen as an auspicious sign by Lagia and interpreted by her as a divine mission to protect the entire dominion from this threat.
Lagia's personal banner; the mastiff charge and outer red ribbons were both added after the silencing of Valpagoa.
Battle of Valpagoa
A tactical map of the battle of Valpagoa, where the Bitch of Arkford crushed the rebeling populace.
After a week of formulating a plan of attack, Lagia lured the rebelling forces out of Valpagoa and completely encircled them. She killed them to the last while her silent company combed the town house by house in search of maleficars, working with extreme prejudice and fulfilling the orders given to them by Lagia: meet any and all sort of resistance with death. This overwhelming defeat and its deadly repercussions quelled the mere thought of rebellion within the entirety of the Kadian Dominion.   Despite having a smaller force and all odds against her, she managed to successfully and violently suppress the uprising, earning the moniker of 'The Bitch of Arkford' by local population. The name quickly became popular in the rest of the province, with Lagia taking pride in the name, incorporating it into her personal banner.
Impressed by Lagia's willingness for self sacrifice, as well as the absolute success of her mission, king Auspice Andoriani invited her to serve the kingdom in The Justiciar Order; she humbly refused, asking her sovereign to continue serving as a cavalry captain, and he gladly agreed. Regardless, she was to add two Lemnisca Victoria and Minio Gloria to her banner.
Current Location
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Equesa (1545)
Duchess (1563)
Year of Birth
1527 AC 45 Years old
Presented Sex
Blond hair, usually kept in a topknot.
Follows the Dogma of The Four, with Eyre being her patron god.
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations


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