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Tower In-between Worlds

Created By Swordmaster, Built With Monte Cook's Numenera Setting
The Vraus or the Tower In-between Worlds is an ancient structure that has been there since anyone can remember, it's located beyond even The Beyond. It's purpose lost to time, but many Aeon Priests assume it was some sort of storage for advance numenera, and artifacts.   The Vraus' outside shell is a massive 5 story structure while hovering several hundred feet above the ground, a valley of crashed ships and abandoned numenera surround it. Around the Shell, reality is weak. Which allows creatures from outside our Reality to hunt anyone looking for the treasures of the Vraus.   A staircase made from disconnected floating blocks which resemble and dissemble has you go further up them, its assumed that they were supposed to resemble as you walk to a specific spot then disassemble when you walk past them but this seems to be broken. This staircase takes you straight Mirror Gate.   The Mirror Gate is some sort of teleporter, or door, the Aeons Priests that study the Vraus still haven't been able to tell what it truly is but it's made up of some sort of reflective-like liquid which you're supposed to go into to enter the Vraus.   Entering the Vraus is always dangerous as besides the Tri-way, the rooms are randomly placed and some are instantly deadly to anyone not protected.    

Inside The Vraus

  Inside the Vraus is a complex realm between realities and beyond anything most people have seen.   The Tri-Way: It's a simple room, but it's the first room and only room that is constant. It's made out of a silvery chromatic material and has three archways which have the same reflective liquid has the Mirror Gate.   The Black Maze: It's a vast maze made out of some kind of constantly shifting obsidian-like material, and beasts made out of shadows hunt anyone that dwells here. Aeon Priests assume this area was some sort of punishment for whatever society either created the Vraus or a Trial for the race.   Forest Of Wires: It's a bizarre jungle of machines that grow like normal fauna and flora, but are entirely mechanical. It's also constantly raining an acidic black liquid which creates a toxic environment for any living creature. It's many the death of an Aeon Priest to find themselves here, and dying of lack of oxygen or the toxic gas which is like Oxygen to the mechanical beasts of the Forest Of Wires.   The Vault: It's drastically different from most of the "Rooms" of the Vraus, as it's a vault of creatures found in the Vraus. It also seems to have a different design than most, with it returning to the silver chromatic material. Though the major part of this "Room" is the vaults which contain creatures from all over the Vraus in some kind of icy gel. This area is extremely dangerous due to the machines which manage and protect it, fights are always breaking out against these machines and escaped creatures.   City Of Silence: This part of the Vraus is particularly bizarre, as it's your average village but that's surrounded by an infinite abyss of nothing. Constantly covered in shadow, also beings that resemble humans but entirely made out of shadow and ignore anyone who travels through the City Of Silence.   The Gas: This bizarre realm is a gravity-less realm of constantly color-changing gas, where gaseous creatures hunt visitors by dissolving their flesh. The Realm is mostly empty besides the Mirror gates.   The House: The most bizarre and odd of the "Rooms" the Aeon Priests have discovered, and only have been to a few times. It's this massive mansion with fancy furniture and constantly eerie feeling. No one has seen has any creature living in the House, but always sees creatures darting from the corner of their eyes. It has many bizarre numenera, with odd functions and purposes. Some parts eerie music plays, and others dead silence. Each room of the House is well-furnished and different. Sometimes painting adorns the walls of humans in fancy wear, other times monstrous beasts drawn in a horrific style.

Purpose / Function

Its purpose has been lost to the ages, but many Aeon Priests assume it was some sort of storage for artifacts and pieces of numenera.


Over time the Vraus has gotten taller, and taller. Though no one really knows why. Aeons Priests studying it has noticed this, and are worried it topple over but it seems as fine at the moment.


The structure itself is made out some sort of white metal lost to time, and it has a particular mechanical look to. With bits jutting out, but still having a clean and smooth look to it.


The oldest known history of the Vraus was its discovery by Aeon Priests 200 years ago, and they've been studying its bizarre nature and the valley surrounding it.
Alternative Names
The Vraus
Tower, Mage
Connected Rooms

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