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day 129

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The world of Nul is a vast continent, covering almost half of the planet and representing the material plane of the world. It has seen many changes, though these are the roughest times the peoples of Nul have faced yet - the Everemperor, the ruler of the Polemonus Empire, a living god to his people and his unstoppable legions. Convinced in the righteousness of their ways, they selflessly oppose any magic, be it creature or spell, if it was not bestowed or blessed by the Everemperor. Their conquer efforts seem to succeed on every single turn, and many countries have fallen and been subdued in the face of the Empire.   At the same time, an uprising amongst orc clans in the face of impeding danger of extinction has forced a shaman to change their ways and perform bloody sacrifices to transform his herd into tanarukks - a mixture of an orc and a demon. The protectors of the tribe - the wielders of the Pieces of Orc are scattered, and one such piece ends up in the hands of Mara Hermeus - a runaway tiefling warlock understudy. With the help of her protector and guardian half-elf Azabes she tries to untangle the thread which must lead her to solving the orc crisis - or getting her out of it.   A wizard blessed by Orcus is attempting to achieve lichdom and becoming a general of the Undead Army, which he plans to create out of tanarukks. With his necromancy he lays waste to everything in his path, and a young tiefling cleric Kaeresh Vargo is following him to try and restore the fragile but everimportant balance between life and death.   Kaeresh, Azabes and Mara are joined by a cursed warrior named Marbo Slai. Trying to figure out his legacy, finding a place to belong to, his goals seem to be intertwined with the rest of the cast, as he tries to discover more about a fabled warrior of his people through artifacts spread around the world.   In the city of Lausanne a cult of a cosmic horror is trying to bring their god Toth to the material plane using a mysterious plague and a prophesied immortal child, unknowingly delivered by the very cleric trying to uphold the balance.   But orc shamans, chosen warlocks, power hungry empires, lich generals, curses and artifacts, even the unmentionable horrors of cosmos are all equal in the face of what they all are trying to prepare for - the Everfrost. All shall cease. Daegomath cometh.