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The Semtri Archive.

Yelsen Semtri is very contentious. While most agree that he was wrong in his attempts to colonize the known world, many believe that in the long run, his actions helped society. He created a worldwide currency, a language that is easy for everyone to learn, and a time-tracking system embraced by everybody. But one of his less-known global creations is the Semtri Archive.


The purpose of the Semtri Archive was to establish a law system accepted by all. Yelsen Semtri was one of the most lawful people ever, and he wanted everything in his kingdom to follow the same rules. Much like the rest of the world accepted his language, currency, and time, a lot of the world accepted his laws after his death as well.

Document Structure


This document is structured formally. It is a 900-page book. At the start is the title, the Semtri Archives, and then a brief introduction in more of an unofficial way. That gives way to 642 pages of law. It covers everything illegal, the punishment for all those things, how to hold proper court proceedings, even down to how to proper penitentiary. The pages after that are blank, meant to be used if a new law needs to be forged.


This document was meant to last for eternity.

Publication Status

While it is not published, many copies of the original book have been made, and are used as local charters. The original book is on display in a museum in Seboraí. Before Semtri's death, he planned that there would be copies of this book in every citizen's home so they know exactly what is expected of them.

Legal status

For a brief period, around 4 years, when the Semtri Empire was a nation, these laws were used within the empire. Semtri had not instituted a copy of the Semtri Archive into every home as he had originally wished, but in most large cities there were reminders to citizens engraved in large stones at the center of the settlement.   Most of East Orune and humans on Blei use this book at least as a basis for their system of law. Excluding those areas, the most notable cities to use this law system is New Jitghadi and Cagbo. Both are very far away from East Orune and chose this law seemingly at random.   Many places that use this law system have altered parts of statutes or added their own. One law that almost everyone has changed is that taking a life's punishment is death. Most places give the convicted a hearing.

Historical Details

Public Reaction

People are split about whether these laws are a good idea. About half the people say that these were created by mad Yelsen Semtri, and should never be used as a guide for the law. The other half believe that the laws, no matter who wrote them, are all just and should be adopted worldwide.
Decree, Governmental
Authoring Date

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