Nuarathan Multiverse

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Welcome to the World of Nuarath and the Nuarathan Multiverse!

Nuarath is an ancient world of mystery, magic, and science. It has seen many civilizations rise and fall. The ruins of past civilizations are ripe for exploration and plunder by the canny and fearless or end in death for the unlucky and foolhardy.   From the deepest depths of the oceans floors, from the blackest depths of the darkest caverns, to the glittering blackness of the stars above, the Nuaratha Multiverse has excitement and horror, dangers and rewards, to those skilled (or lucky) enough to survive.   The Nuarathan Multiverse is a Pathfinder 1e Campaign set in the home-brewed universe around the planet Nuarath. Using published materials, as well as incorporating home-brew, and campaign materials from over 30+ years as a DM/Player of most versions of Dungeons & Dragons, the Nuarathan Multiverse strives to be all inclusive of whatever direction players will choose.

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