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Beyond human comprehension. The unknown which once was the untouchable always out of reach is now one with us. But the nature of it remains a mystery. A long time ago from the peak of humanity to the day of the undisclosed conjunction. After all this time, we know one thing about the unknown nature. Their goal, their desire, Their needs. Seem to be nothing. They exist beyond any man's thought or understanding. The very existence of them is more than our capability, although we might actually learn one or two things from them. Their behavior is similar to nature. We are meant to live beside them. No mercy, no hatred, no generosity, no vengeance. They exist because they do with no desire. One might argue that they are some form of manifestation of nature the physical divinity and vice versa the physical manifestation of mind-bending horror. But as humans, we live on. We learn to live with them to harvest some of its power its greatness. And that is the summary of the start of the new age of humanity.