Luminos - Flagship of SIN

The Luminos is the flagship and also the operational headquarters of the SIN forces. It has gained significant importance since the Frederikson incident.   Hier geht es zur deutschen Fassung des Artikels.
Please tell them that we will turn the Luminos into the Obrit over Kajalar in 10 standard days. Then we will see if the disputes over mining rights continue...
— Admiral Kaizu

Flagship of SIN

According to the Council of Monar, the SIN is committed to neutrality. A location on Novis seemed to conflict with this principle of neutrality, so the SIN leadership decided to establish a non-fixed headquarters on "neutral ground." At first, Luminos was nothing more than a small space station in orbit around Novis from which troops were commanded. Soon, the growing capabilities of the SIN required more personnel and technology, so Luminos was expanded for the first time.   Later interplanetary conflicts required faster communications. Since faster communications were not possible over longer distances due to the upper limit of the speed of light, SIN leadership decided that the Luminos should be given greater mobility. In 289 NS, it was therefore upgraded to its present form. Later upgrades took place, but only affected internal systems and not the general form.   The Luminos is neither the most battle-tested nor the most powerful ship in the SIN. She is designed to provide permanent residence and a home, albeit temporary, for the command staffs of the armed forces and the fleet. She is an extremely maneuverable ship for her size, usually staying out of conflict zones and providing supporting command to troops on the ground.


With a length of 344 m, a width of 247 m and a height of 51 m, the Luminos is a medium sized space vessel. The core of the ship is the ring (1) consisting of the original space base, which is centrally located in the ship. Via motors, the ring can be set into rotation to simulate at least a low gravity of up to 0.3 g. The ring was later expanded to include an external unit that can be accessed via an access slot. Special rotation airlocks are available to the crew for transition from the ring section to the main hull or back.   The ship is equipped with two primary and two secondary fusion thrusters (2), which allow acceleration of up to 4.5 g. Although such a high thrust has not been necessary before, it would allow the Luminos to maneuver quickly into or out of a conflict zone in extreme cases.   Admittedly, the Luminos is not the most powerful ship in the SIN fleet. But its 12 double-barreled railguns (3) and the 4x4000 mm fast-loading torpedo launcher (4) provide serious firepower. Internal systems are protected by experimental ablative armor that can withstand at least most gun calibers.
For close combat defense and various representative functions, the Luminos has 8 elite mektons, the honor guard, each of which can be deployed within minutes via its own catapult launch tube (6). The ship's communications are processed through one of the most advanced sensor arrays (5) in the entire system to still be able to receive even the most remote units.   A total of 22,500 square meters of living space is available for the crew. This includes quarters, offices and meeting rooms, as well as facilities for recreation, such as a VR center, several themed canteens and various sports facilities.


Admiral Anayu Kaizu
Varid Leufon.jpeg
General Varid Leufon
Aboard the Luminos, in addition to the core crew under Admiral Anayu Kaizu, is the Armed Forces Command Staff, headed by General Varid Leufon. Although, according to protocol, the General has no command authority over the Luminos, or any of the ships of the SIN, the Admiralty and the General Staff usually coordinate well with each other. In the past, it has happened that the SIN leadership has disagreed, resulting in a very weak political position for the SIN.   The rest of the crew consists of very capable fleet officers who had to endure a rigorous selection process to get one of the desirable positions aboard the Luminos. Among the crew members are strategists, engineers, medical personnel, mechanics and intelligence technicians, as well as support personnel such as cooks, service personnel and assistants.

Honor Guard

The Honor Guard of the General Staff is regularly stationed on board the Luminos. This defense unit, consisting of a total of two lances of four mektons each, is responsible for protecting the SIN leadership as the last line of defense. The Honor Guard Mektons are among the most advanced machines in the system. They are regularly upgraded with the latest technology, with parts manufactured manually as one-offs at great expense.   Honor Guard pilots, 16 in number, and their technical support personnel are on standby on a rotating basis. Individual mektons are difficult to detect even for the Luminos' sensor system in the vastness of space, not to mention smaller projectiles. Apart from that, the SIN leadership expects a demon to emerge from hyperspace at any time.   Eight special catapult launch tubes can send the honor guard into action within minutes in an emergency. So far, no such alarm has been triggered. Nevertheless, maneuvers are held regularly to rehearse such a surprise attack.
I'd like to see how these babies do against a demon.
— A Mekton Pilot in the Honor Guard Hangar


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