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The Nation of goblins created by a hobgoblin warchief who managed to round the separate tribes after the Guiding Flame inquisition recently sent in an inquisition to rid the monstrous territories to the south. Milaun is a fledgling nation less than five years old being held together by its charismatic and tactically minded leader. It wishes to prove itself capable of standing the test of time should it be able to convince the once independent tribes to unify permanently.


Founded in the wildlands of Ensile, it was a settling place for one of the four Barghest Demigods, Hadregash. The strongest of them he slaughtered the long lost civilization that once tamed the hostile terrain. With every person he slaughtered a goblin rose from the spilled blood and the horde was founded, many tribes began to spread and dot the landscape from there, but with each kill by the tribe the lord grew stronger till he had almost surpassed his demigod status into full godhood. Under this new power more monsters began to migrate to the stronghold nation to attempt to regain divinity like he had, but none were able to recreate his success. However, his power forced him to be shunted back into the abyss from which his soul came when the divine gate was erected. Leaving the goblins to fend for themselves they quickly began infighting as leaders tried to bid for power in the days of the darkened sun.  When the sun reemerged, the tribes and monsters within the lands became disparate to one another claiming that each was the rightful ruler of the land. As time progressed the monsters slowly gained true free will as the shackles their gods placed on them began to loosen. When the newly founded Guiding Flame attempted to invade the land, a powerful monster named Ebklix managed to unite the tribes and repel the invaders. He established himself as the defacto head of the nation. He now searches for the means by which the old gods kept the monsters of this land under their will, whether he plans on using it to free them or recreate the hordes of old remain unknown.
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