Ciburn is a city located near the edge of Vespertine Mountains, known for being a shelter during the apocalypse, the town itself is built in the crater created by part of the apocalypse melting the mountain, burying the majority of the dwarven settlement, and killing all the inhabitants. Over the millennia, the newly created magic conductive soil, allowed grand forests to grow and the cratered mountain kept hot by the magic houses a large freshwater lake at its peak. The alkaline waters flow and form rivers that either disappear into the ground or flow into other lakes.


The exact nature of this dwarven stronghold was forgotten with the fall of Grundiir, it was then forgotten for nearly a thousand years until a group searching the source of the rare water falling down the mountain followed it to the source discovering the town on the ruins.
Founding Date
Alternative Name(s)
The Silvered Lake, Burned Cinders
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