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History of the Harshovians   3 A.A - The Harshovians break their bonds on mass and escape to the uninhabited Alliser peninsular after the colapse of the Vaelostrian Empire.   52 A.A - Harshovians split up and form their own states on the Alliser Peninsular, most notable of which are Narhland, Breton, Hallenguard, Brukeland and Hamilton.   282 A.A - The Harshovian Diplomatic Union is formed, designed as a place to solve disagreements between Harshovian Nations peacefully also used as a military organisation to defend against aggressive nations that threaten any Harshovian nations. Many Harshovian nations join the H.D.U.   307 A.A - Robert Hallmere proposes the notion of all the Harshovian Nations on the Alliser Peninsula unifying into one big nation, becomes widely popular among commoners and nobles alike but is unsuccessful due to disagreement.   310 A.A - The Verdantine Empire tries to invade Harshovia through the neck (The only land connection that the Alliser peninsular has to the Euras continent) and by sea. The Verdantinians thought Harshovian states were easy pickings since it they weren't unified. All the Harshovian states rallied around the H.D.U and managed to crush the Verdantinians at sea and land. The Verdantintians surrended to the Harshovian coalition, North Col island was ceded to the H.D.U and became a new memeber of the H.D.U. This was became known as the Great Unifying War by the Harshovians and known as a great blunder by the Verdantians.   311 A.A - The son of Robert Hallmere, Liam Hallmere reproposed the idea of Unification of all the Harshovian states on the Alliser pennisular. This idea garters a huge amount of support, disagreements in the past are resolved, the main one being where the capital city of the new state should be located. The capital is deiced to be located on the Wincaster river between Labraor, Hamilton and Breton. The capital forms it's own district, one which doesn't take part in Harshovian politics. Edward Harrison is unanimously elected due to leading the H.D.U into victory, On the 11th of December 311 the Harshovian Federation was created with Edward Harrison being it's first Chancellor.   313 A.A - All the borders of the states (provinces) that make up Harshovia are finalised. 15 states make up Harshovia, they are Narhland, Brunnswick, Labrador, Freedland, Breton, Hamilton, Harrison (Named in honnor of the first Chancellor), Sentacrest, Edward Island, North Col Island, North Wellsburg, Haero Island, Concord, Richmond, Hallenguard and Burkland.   314 A.A - Haero island is ceded to the Harshovian Federation as a gift to win favor. The state of Harrison is split into two due to administrative difficulties governing the large state, West Harrison is formed.   315 A.A - The capital of the Harshovian Federation finishes construction, it is named Harrison to honnor Edward Harrison who was the First leader of the Harshovian Federation.   316 A.A - Many consequential documents are passed into law such as the adminstative structure of the Harshovian Union, it's laws and codes, it's constitution and it's decoration of the rights every Harshovian Citizen should be guaranteed to have, the formation of the Harshovian Military and the formation of the Harshovian High Court.   319 A.A - Edward Harrison's full 8 year term has ended and the second Chancellor is elected, his name is James Conray.   321 A.A - At the ten year anniversary of the Harshovian Federation, Federation day is established by James conray as a public holiday celebrating the founding of the Harshovian Federation.   336 A.A - Edward Harrison dies at the age of 61, he is given a huge state funeral where tens of thousands attend, milions across the country morn his death.
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