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Overseeing the Tright Sea, Wolfden is the main settlement in the area with the highest population. Trade ships, farms, mine workers can all be found here. It remains busy year round with its many festivals and beautiful tourist attractions.     The first people to settle here sought refuge in nearby wolf caves. Thus, the name was chosen. That same cave system became the lifeblood and entrance to the coal mines that would spark a civilization.   Wolfden boast the most attractions and interest to most people. The three major districts are the Theater district, Temple district, and Military district. Wolfden has not fought in a war in a long time and have a natural deterrent in the form of sheer numbers. The Holy Knights and Dark Fangs alike both train here, with different schools present. The Temple district houses the temples of the 7 great Elementals and various ancients within. Lastly, the Theater district was built strictly for entertainment. There is minimal security in the way of guards.   There are several mobs in the city, all vying constantly for power.   There is a small class structure in the city based on an armband worn by those who call the city "home".  

  • Dark Blue - Mine worker
  • Brown - Farmer
  • Black - Dark Fang
  • Gray - Basic Military Soldiers
  • White - Holy Knights
  • Purple - Street Vendors
  • Green - Actors


Humans and Halflings make up a majority of the population. Several Orcs and Half-orcs have managed to make a living here and in the outlying village of Furrowed Burrow.


Wolfden is ruled by a King and his laws are enforced by an army of Holy Knights and clerics outside the city walls. Inside the city is a different task force, the Dark Fangs. They are led by  Bronzeleaf.


Large army, location near coast, high walls.


Peat and Coal deposits, Caravan Protection.


The giant castle that King Landon Dundragon calls home is tiered by walls. The centermost ring houses the castle and several of the richer residents. They have a private force of Knights assigned to the area to keep it free of the mob wars and the poor. The next ring makes up the three different districts. Outside of that are the housing rings. It is obvious who lives in the nicer areas.

Natural Resources

Peat and Coal

Large city
Location under
King Landon Dundragon

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