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In the high North of Forswer, tangled in the cliffs, valleys, ravines, and plateaus between the Frostiron Mountains and the frigid expanse of The Glacea, rests the city of Taggert. It was once known for its powerful warships but has only recently recovered from a long and terrible famine.   Taggert is mostly underground, built there to withstand the harsh winters and snowstorms that can occur. A near constant wind blows from the jagged peaks ofthe Frostiron, and even when the summer sun shines, the teperature outdoors rarely reaches above freezing. As it stands, there are six levels of cohabitation.   High Taggert Barracks - The military is situated at this quarter and able to monitor those coming in and out of the city. Stables - Just below the military quarter is the entry to the city and stables. It does extend below the surface.The stables start above ground and continue down for 5 stories Middle Taggert Shops and Markets - The shops and markets expand an entire floor of this city. as far as 20 stories below ground. Many various types of goods can be found and traded here. Working Class, Government, and Affluent Quarter - ANyone with a normal day job or working in the government can be found here. The wealthy also play a large part in politics and have their fancy dining places and shops. Lower Taggert Poor Quarter - There is a special tunnel the poor must take to avoid passing through the Government and Affluent Quarters. The working class does their best to support the poor quarter. They are mostly monitored by the military. Deep Quarter - Anyone who enjoys living dares not enter here. Vicious gangs and outlaws find a home here, colluding with one another, and often hired by those in the affluent and Gov't quarter to do their bidding in the city and elsewhere when the time calls.


Largely Dwarves and Human. Other races that seek isolation from their homelands or have been exiled often end up here.


Ruled by Melgar, who has himself deeply rooted in the Political scene via secrets and money.


Mostly underground and difficult to penetrate when locked down.


Seal meat, Beans, Corn


Built long ago by the dwarves, but now maintained with assistance by humans, Taggert is a veritable fortress. The architecture if from the days of old, consisting of large stone blocks, hauled and placed by magic. There isn't much color or creativity in the architecture. The early builders sought out practicality over vanity.


Situated between Frostiron Mountains and the Glacea Expanse.

Large city
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Melgar Histrae

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