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Imperial Defence Initiative

The Imperial Defence Initiative is a coalition between the Grand Imperium of Russia, the German Empire, and, Greater Britannia to protect each other till the growing anti-expansionist Terrorists could be stopped


Member states are represented by their nations head of security (spy master, minister of internal affairs etc.). They determine where funds and men should be sent best

Public Agenda

To protect member nations from attack and dangerous political ideas


Member nations send .3 of the defense budget and .01 of there home guard to be used against the terrorist


The IDI was form toguard member nations from anti-expansionist terrorists and stop them. This alliance was quickly thrown together after Berlin was bombed and days later St. Petersburg was then bombed by the same group


IDI was disbanded after the leader of the terrorists was caught and was publicly executed. This lead to less and less attacks to the point that the alliance was no longer needded

The World Belongs to Those That are Willing to Take it

2010 - 2023

Political, Alliance
Government System
Power Structure

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