Sea Rot

"His mouth was filled with blood and his skin was pale, his eyes were blood shot and his body was full of old aches and pains. I knew it as soon as I saw him, the man had 'the rot' all over him."
— Captain Valio Amsius
  Sea Rot is a disease that comes from an unknown source. It originally believed to plague only sailors who served for long journeys at sea, but has recently been witnessed in extreme and severe cases in soldiers who operate on the front lines.   Sea Rot gains it name from the physical ailments it causes, such as: swollen and bleeding gums, yellowing of the skin, inability to heal from wounds, and even a weakness and stiffness throughout the body. While the understanding of the disease is not widely known, it has been recognized that citrus fight by the disease and even cure the ailments and help repair the body.   Because of this, sailors often to take to having "Lime Light Parties", which they eat plenty of limes, lemons, or oranges as a means to strengthen themselves against the disease. Some even bring the fruit aboard and eat them when they feel weak or stiff.

Transmission & Vectors

While it is unsure how the disease has the ability to spread, it certain is obtainable by those who do not eat or consume citrus for long periods of time.


Symptoms of the disease are very easy to spot once they become severe. They gain swollen and bleeding gums, followed by stiffness of the jaw. Wounds become harder to heal. The body gains unnatural stiffness and soreness that makes it hard to move.


The only known treatment as of now is the consuming of oranges, lemons, limes or citrus. It appears that the citrus contains something that assists and eventually cures the disease over a period of time.

Chronic, Acquired


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