Adán Montez

"Unless there is a fire, a bar fight, or Teresa is giving out free beer, I'm not interested."
— Adán Montez, resting
  Adán Montez is the local Town Marshal for the port town of Soventis.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Early History

Adán Montez was originally born on the Old Continent to a family of blacksmiths and metallurgists. At the age of five, his family decided to migrate to the New World to look for work in the colonies. They initially lived in New Dominion, but moved to Soventis when his father got work as a member of the Colonial Guard.  

Life in the Soventis

At the age of 14, Montez was able to join as a powder monkey in the Colonial Guard to help support his father. Eventually working towards full soldier status by the age of 16, he would serve as part of the Port of Soventis militia until 23.   At 23, the Port of Soventis was attacked by Aldeverii privateers in an event that became known as "The Knife-Earred Raids". They unleashed devastating shatter spells throughout the harbor before unleashing controlled fire burst spells throughout the city. Montez worked hard to save people from burning buildings, recieving scars on the right side of his face and severe burns on his hands, before engaging with Aldeverii forces.   Shortly after the raid, Soventis was abandoned as colonists left to find safety in the nearby ports of Abbey Hill and New Dominion. Montez temporarly retired from the Colonial Guard to work as a blacksmith.  

Return and Rebuild

3 years ago, Montez was asked to rejoin the Colonial Guard to help with the rebuilding efforts on many small colonies. After rejoining, he was assigned a post in the newly reestablished Port of Soventis as the Town Marshal and leader of the local forces, something he is extremely proud of.

Morality & Philosophy

When one first meets Adán Montez, one would assume he is quite lazy or quite laid back for his position. However, this could not be further from the truth. Montez is a respectable person, treating small jobs with a great magnitude and helping whenever he can. Though he can be found napping in one of his many hiding places he created, he only does so because he works nearly non-stop and chooses his own downtime.
Current Location
Old World
Current Residence
Port Soventa
Biological Sex
Ocean blue
Long, ratty, dirty blonde
Skin Tone
Caucasian with scars on the right side
6' 2" (188.97 cm)
192 lbs (87 kg)
Aligned Organization


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