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"[...]And so the earth roared
And the wind howled
As they all held their breathes
And watched
As the invading army
Sank into the depths"
-Mor'wenian tavern song(excerpt)
  From trade route to mass grave, Mekwinn, the so-called River of Plenty is as old as time itself. The first written records depict it as the greatest treasure of House Mor'wen, back then a part of the Kingdom of Hallia.   As is often the case with wars, the agricultural lands tend to be hit the hardest and takes the most time to recover. And House Mor'wen knew this. During the civil wars of Hallia, they chose to stay out of the fighting. This led to them being cast out of the new stabilized government, their lands taken away. However as the only reliable source of food left in a country torn apart by decades of war, the new king couldn't afford to wage war on Mor'wen's lands. This led to truce where Mor'wen was able to keep their lands and form their own sovereign state, with the obligation to feed the ailing kingdom.   The kingdom of Mor'wen relied strongly on their harvest and trade, as they had precious few resources that weren't food or wood. With Mekwinn and it's feeders as shipping routes Mor'wen quickly set up a mostly nationwide trade route, as the most bountiful of their lands just so happened to be near these rivers. At the rivers mouth lies the harbour city of Redfort.   And this was enough to make the country wealthy in a time of peace...


"The River of Plenty is the greatest gift Hallia ever gave to us."- old mor'wenian saying
Before the war Geography   The river originates in the mountains of Hallia, from the Lover's Lake. The Lover's Lake is known for its beauty, making it a popular spot for couples, young and old alike. What's really special about this lake is that the water level seems to be constant in every season. The commonly accepted theory is that the lake is being fed from an underground source of water as well as small creeks from the neighbouring mountains.   The only drainage for the river is the waterfall known as the Lover's Gate. This waterfall is on the border of Hallia and Mor'wen. From the bottom originates the slow mowing river Mekwinn.   Not far from the waterfall the small creek known as Rush feeds into Mekwinn. Between Rush and Lover's Gate is the only place where the river can be crossed. Past Rush Mekwinn grows wide, fitting for small ships. Two more rivers - Strat and Ringfinger - feed into Mekwinn, both fit for ship travel.   On both sides of the river there is prime agricultural land. As the River of Plenty has a relatively consistent water yield, these lands are the main foodsource of the kingdom.   The river feeds into the sea on the western side of the continent. There lies the city of Redfort, the central hub for international trade.


"Before the varrenian invasion, Mekwinn - back then known as the 'River of Plenty' - was the lifeblood and the main traderoute of Mor'wen. But as many things, Mekwinn too was destroyedin the war..."  - excerpt from the lessons of Professor Theoclus
    Before the war Ecosystem   Long ago the river of Mekwinn was the greatest resource of Mor'wen. The small, mostly agricultural kingdom always depended greatly on the rivers of their land. While some of them have dried up in certain seasons, the River of Plenty had no such cycles. It gave stability to the fledgling kingdom and later became the source of their main export: food.   Mekwinn, Strat and Ringfinger goes through most of the kingdom, allowing trade through shipping. This makes the transportation of goods much easier, than on land. From Redfort, cargoships go to and from all the countries on the western side of the continent of Notwarr.


"From the north a scorching fire
A truly malicious flame
And at it's head, a stranger army
One day came to our gate"
  Mekwinn's history was always synonymous with Mor'wen's. The river characterised as the "lifeblood" of the kingdom was present at every historical occasion this land has ever witnessed.   Ever since House Mor'wen, one of the great houses of Hallia settled in the region, the prime agricultural lands played a great role in the local economy. The great harvest allowed the Lord Mort'wen, to bribe the other houses first to stay out of their conflict and later, to break away with his lands from the rest of Hallia, founding Mor'wen.   Later, as technology developed, and transport ships first appeared, a new trade route was estabilished on the river, which covered almost the entirety of the know sovereign kingdom of Mor'wen.  
" Across our lands they roamed
With death and misery in tow
With their loathsome magic
They chased us from our Home"
  At the height of their power, the morwenians spotted a falling star that seemed to crash far to the north. They paid no attention to them, as they thought it landed in the ocean.   But soon after the trading ships from the Golden Valley, their northernmost trading partner stopped coming. And soon all trade from the north stopped. Courious to know what happened, they planned on sending out scout, but before they could do anything, refugees started to poor into Redfort. The scared and misplaced people talked about an army, who conjured fire out of nowhere. This was unbelivable, but they heard the same stories from Hallia, who at the time was their only neighbor to the north.   The number of refugees grew and grew over the years, until even the kingdom known for it's great harvests struggled to feed them. The country that never known hunger soon would face famine. With hunger and crime rising ever higher, the king had no choice but to send the refugees away, not knowing that soon they would follow them. When the remnants of House Menna, the hallian great house directly north of Mor'wen, arrived they knew that this mysterious knew enemy was at their border.  
"From the south a most precious sight
Atop the crags a distant light
Guided us for the mountains
Where hope we'd once again find"
The starngers - although their powers were nowhere near what the refugees' tales told - were no match to the meager army of the peaceful country. The morwenians were driven from most of their homeland. Along with the refugees sheltered with them, they went to the Craglands, a rocky, mountinous place to the southwest of Mor'wen, a land inhabited at the time by nomadic tribes. These tribes were relatively peaceful, if a bit distrusting. But at the site of the vast amount of refugees, they realized something isn't right.   After hearing them out, the tribesman chose to fight with the morwenians and tthose refugees, who were able to fight. The vengeful morwenians with the hardened tribesmen in tow were strong enough to halt the advance of the invaders, in no small prt due to their magical powers semmed to vain the further they went south. This however meant that they couldn't push them back north, as the invaders grew in power there.   For decades this status quo remained with the dividing line lying somewhat south of Mekwinn. In that time the now united southerners learned who the invaders were. Refugees indentified them, as varrenians, a small and weak tribe of goblin creatures hailing from the northernmost part of Notwarr. Most people from that region didn't even know that they were sentient, thought them as barely more than animals. According to their tales, when the star fell, these goblins were the only ones brave enough to go near it. It was there they found the power to cast spells, conjure flames from nothing and with it, they waged war on anyone that wasn't them. Their staves were with large gems that were emitting a pale yellow light. Common belief was at the time that those gems came in the asteroid.
"Filled with purpose once again
Our hearts and our vengeance
Burned brighter than the invading flame
With the tribesmen at our back
Our Home we will reclaim   An the southern mages
The first of their kind
To the lake they went
To aid our fight"
It was at this time that a bright blue towering crystal was discovered in the mountains of southern Hallia. The hallians started harvesting this crystal and used in a similar fashion to the varrenians. However the southerners only knew the spells the varrenians used against them. The varrenians could easily repel their own spells, even when their source was far away. A new type of magic was needed. This came in the form earthquakes. A simple but quite destructive form of magic.   Decades of fruitless warfare rid the southerners of all hope, so when the new magic was discovered, they didn't care about the long term consequences, the yonly wanted to weaponize it as fast as possible and use it against the invaders.   They got their wish. The southerners hatched a plan, to destroy the invaders. Their plan was to push the army back to the Mekwinn river, while a small group of mages destroy the wall of the Lover's Lake Basin, essentially let the lake wash away the varrenian army.
"And so the earth roared
And the wind howled
  And they all held their breathes
  All watched
  As the invading army
  Sank into the depths" - Rush of Death, a morwenian tavern song
This plan worked at first. The united army, made up of displaced morwenians and hallians, as well as the northern refugees and the tribes of the Craglands, managed to push the varrenians back to Rivers Crossing, where their magic was just too powerful to repel. In the same time, a select group of mages cast their spells of earthquake on the basin and it crumbled, letting the water of Lover's Lake rush through the lands.   The destruction was of unseen scale.   The invaders weren't just washed away, their whole army just disappeared under the waves, as well as all the small towns and harbors along the way. When the rush of water reached the river's mouth, the once great city of Redfort was also left in ruins. This signalled the end of the era later became known as the Varrenian Incurson.   But the initial destruction wasn't everything. With the basin gone, all the underwater rivers fed directly into Mekwinn, feeding it to twice its original width. This also meant that its water flow increased in speed, making it uncrossable and just untravellable.  
"The last casualty of the Varrenian War was Mekwinn." - common morwenian saying
    With the invaders having lost their army remained on the northern side of the river. The southeners being unable to cross it remained south of it. This earned the river its present nickname: Barrier.   While the morwenians lost half of their country, they were happy to finally have peace. The northern refugees having lost all hope of reclaiming their countries, decided to settle in the sparsely populated Craglands, where - together with the tribesmen - founded the kingdom of Marrin.
Alternative Name(s)
The River of Plenty, Rush of Death, Barrier
Location under
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