Earth in the 22nd Century

Life on the small backwoods planet known as Earth is pretty comfortable for most people. In the early 22nd Century, Earthlings have finally reached what we would consider a post-scarcity economy. There is relative peace among the major nations of the world, although mega-corporations generally hold more power than most individual governments. Humans live in settlements of every imaginable size and design across the planet, as well as on the Moon and Mars. Scientific outposts exist as far as the moons of Neptune. Earthlings are truly masters of their own system.

  But Earthlings are not alone - sentient beings exist all across the galaxy. Seven major factions (known as the Signatories) govern hundreds of species in an agreement known as the Galactic Convention, or GalCon for short. For the last ten thousand years, the GalCon thought Earthlings were nothing more than a primitive race of chaotic mammals. However, Earthlings recently found and activated an ancient piece of technology in their asteroid belt. Turns out it was a door, and they ended up stumbling right into the capital of the GalCon. The Earthlings introduced themselves and requested recognition as a sentient species.

  Normally, recognition is a straightforward but lengthy bureaucratic process wherein the Signatories acknowledge the sentience of a species via a series of hearings. The species is granted rights of territorial autonomy and welcomed into the galactic community for trade and cultural exchange. However, Earth's recognition is being contested by two of the seven factions. The Menopterans, led by an obsessive expansionist ant queen named F'laxa, claim that Earth lies within their ancient territorial boundaries and must immediately submit to her rule. The Esh-Nuraki claim to have visited Earth in the ancient past and planted the DNA for humans. They claim that humans are nothing more than domesticated animals that they bred into existence.

  The hearings have been in process for the past four years. In the interim, the GalCon has made the Earth Sector off limits to either the Menopterans or the Esh-Nuraki. Life in the Earth system continues as normal, and the Continuum continues to explore its galactic neighborhood. For some reason, you've decided to join them. As a new agent, there are some things you need to know about the Continuum Corporation. Click here to proceed.


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