Yuan-ti Pyramid Temple

In a typical yuan-ti city, one of the busiest and most prominent buildings is the temple complex that houses yuan-ti and their followers while it provides facilities for worship, sacrifice, and all the other hallmarks of daily life. The accompanying map is an example of such a location. Cultist Level The lowest level of the temple includes sleeping and living quarters for favored or high-ranking cultists, as well as a shrine and a separate temple where the cultists can conduct their own ceremonies. The area has two ground-level entrances that are always well concealed and usually trapped, plus a guard room nearby that offers additional security. Pureblood Level Beginning with the second level, the accommodations in the rest of the temple are meant for yuan-ti only, and access is limited accordingly. Purebloods live and work on this tier, which features cages for slaves, special quarters for the current slave master, and a centrally located torture chamber. A pair of staircases offer access to the next level up. Abomination Level The yuan-ti at the top of the social hierarchy reside in the most insulted level of the pyramid, within quick striking distance of the levels above and below. On this level, substantially sized quarters for abominations are laid around the perimeter of the temple’s largest chamber, a hall where the entire population of the place can assemble. Malison Level Of all yuan-ti, the malisons have the strongest proclivity for worship of their deities. As such, they occupy the uppermost residential level in the pyramid, one step below the mount. This level contains a library where the yuan-ti store the knowledge of their transformation rituals, and a chamber where those rituals are performed. Temple Mount At the apex of the pyramid, reachable by ascending the exterior steps from ground level but not through an interior staircase, is a plateau surrounded by viewing areas. The center holds an elaborately decorated altar, where many a sacrifice meets its end as yuan-ti witnesses pay homage to their gods. The pyramids, plazas, and fountains were all made of stone and decorated with snake carvings. All of it felt old — as old as an elven city — and foreboding in its strange beauty. — Volo   Allies and Minions Yuan-ti have been controlling and manipulating lesser creatures for hundreds of years. They enslave beasts and intelligent creatures to serve them and guard their homes, and they blackmail, enchant, or enthrall others to be their agents in humanoid lands. Random Yuan-ti Servants Yuan-ti employ a variety of creatures as spies and protectors. The Yuan-ti Agents table lists groups of creatures that work for the yuan-ti, representing their masters’ interests. Agents of the serpent folk might roam the countryside on a specific mission or operate secretly inside a humanoid community. The Yuan-ti Protectors table includes creatures that serve as guardians either within a yuan-ti city or in a yuan-ti hideout inside a humanoid city. Yuan-ti Agents d100 Agents 01–20 4d6 cultists 21–30 2d6 cult fanatics 31–34 2d4 doppelgangers 35–50 2d10 guards 51–60 1d4 nobles 61–72 1d4 priests 73–86 2d6 scouts 87–00 1d4 spies (spy) Yuan-ti Protectors d100 Protector(s) 01–10 1d3 bandit captains and 3d10 bandits 11–12 1d6 basilisks 13–18 4d6 constrictor snakes 19–26 1d6 cult fanatics and 4d10 cultists 27–28 3d10 flying snakes 29–35 3d6 giant constrictor snakes 36–45 3d6 giant poisonous snakes 46–50 2d6 gladiators 51–55 2d6 guards 56–58 1d2 hydras 59–60 1d3 medusas 61 2d6 mummies (mummy)* 62–63 6d10 poisonous snakes 64–68 2d6 priests 69–70 4d10 skeletons 71 1d2 stone golems 72–81 3d6 swarms of poisonous snakes (swarm of poisonous snakes) 82–91 4d10 tribal warriors 92–97 2d8 veterans 98–00 4d8 zombies * The mummies are the undead remains of yuan-ti malisons or purebloods. Each has the statistics of a normal mummy.

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