Temples of Faerun

Akadi   First Shrine of the Queen of Air (Ruins of Blaskaktar)   Auril   Icedawn’s House (South of Neshkel) The House of Auril’s Breath (Glister) The Towers of Fury (Calimport) The Winter Palace (Luskan)   Azuth   House of the High Hand (Berdusk) The Dukar’s Hand (Myth Nantar) The First Chosen’s Hall (Almraiven) The Hand of Azuth (Yhep) The House of the Burning Hands (Innarlith) The House of the High One (Saerloon) The House of the High One Ascendent (Mountains near Lhair) The Sorcerer’s Hand (Calimport) The Spell-Lord’s House (Calimport) The Tower of Mysteries (Mulmaster)   Bane   The Black Lord’s Alter (Mulmaster) House of the Black Lord (Amruthar) The Thunder Room (Mintar)   Beshaba   Spires Against the Stars (North of Saradush) The Deep House of Doom (Suldolphor) The Tycharradah (Calimport)   Chauntea   Aurensahldah (Calimport) Chauntea’s Cradle (Crimmor) Goldenfields (North-East of Waterdeep) Harvest House (Central Amn) Harvest House (Daggerford) Harvest House (Near Esmeltaran) Julkoun’s Old Mill (Julkoun) Lastholme (Hillsfar) The Abbey of the Golden Sheaf (Mistledale) The Bounty of the Goddess (Archenbridge) The Bounty of the Goddess (Voonlar) The Glade of Life (High Forest) The Golden Bowl of the Goddess (Iriaebar) The Harvest Alter (Arabel) The Harvest Table (Ashabenford) The High Harvest Home (Elturel) The House of Bountiful Harvest (Raven’s Bluff) The House of Plenty (Shadowdale) The Lady’s Sheaves (Saelmur) The Lastholme (Hillsfar) The Scattered Seeds (Tegal’s Mark) The Temple of the Harvest Moon (Velarsburg) The Green Lady’s Keep (Velprintalar) House of Bhalla (Immilmar)   Cyric   Darkhold (Darkhold) Fist of the Future (Hill’s Edge) Mountain of Skulls (north of Athkatla) The Black Lord’s Alter (Mulmaster) The Dark God Reformed (Voonlar) The Dark Redoubt (South of Trollford) The Dark Sun (Llorkh) The Minarets Muzhadahr (Calimport) The Twin Towers of the Eternal Eclipse (Small Teeth Mountains) Twilight Hall (Zhentil Keep)   Deneir   Candlekeep (Candlekeep) Iron Dragon Mountain (Earthfast Mountain) Soaring Spirit (Snowflake Mountains) The Gallery Majesta (Calimport) The Hallowed House of Higher Achievement (Selgaunt) The House of the Tablets (Yhaunn) The Inner Chamber (Berdusk) The Scholar’s Priory (Calimport) The Silent Room (Suzail) Twilight Hall (Berdusk) The Zoarstar (Waterdeep)   Eldath   Duskwood Dell (Amn, east of Eshpurta) Elah’zad (Anauroch) Silent Hall (Iriaebor) The Emerald Grove (Myth Nantar) The Glade of Life (High Forest)   Gond   Candlekeep (Candlekeep) High Holy Crafthouse of Inspiration (Illul in Lantan) The Bright Anvil (Yeshpek) The Consecrate (Suldolphor) The High House of the Wonderful Wheel (Ordulin) The High House of Wonder (Baldur’s Gate) The House of Cogs and Hammers (Tulmon) The House of Gond (Essembra) The House of Hands (Elversult) The House of Inspired Hand (Waterdeep) The House of Skilled Hands (Tantras) The House of the Wheel (Westgate) The House of the Wonderbringer (Tilverton) The House of Wonders (Urmlaspyr) The Purple Portals (Melvaunt) The Turning Wheel (Raven’s Bluff)   Helm   Alter of Shields (Tilverton) Guardian Hall (Saelmur) Helm’s Hold (Southwest of Neverwinter) Helm’s Shieldhall (Elturel) House of the Guardian (Hluthvar) Minarets Guardant (Calimport) Sentinel Rock (Espar) The Citadel of Protection (Raven’s Bluff) The Gauntlet Gaurdant (Calimport) The Guardian’s Post (Yhep) The Hall of Vigilance (Sundabar) The Home of the Stalwarts (Valen) The House Invincible (Silverymoon) The Keep of Vigilance (Everlund) The Noble Hand (Tsurlagol) The Ready House of the Right Strong Hand (Berdusk) The Shieldhall (Elturel) The Temple of the Vigilant Guard (Iljak) The Watchful Shield (Baldur’s Gate) Tower of the Eye (Procampur) Helm’s Hall (Waterdeep)   Ibrandul   Dark Gateway (Waterdeep) Deep Temple of the Dark Hope (Beneath Waterdeep) The Protector’s House (Memnon)   Ilmater   Barakmordin (West of Saradush) Cloister of St. Ramedar (North-East of Zazesspur) Convent of St. Raynda (Tethyr) Hall of the Arch (Suldolphor) House of St Liwan’s Blessings (Calimshan) House of the Bound Hands (Calimport) House of the Broken God (Keltar) Monastery of St Fanal (Alimir Mountains, Calimshan) Monastery of the Yellow Rose (Earthspur Mountains) Seminary of St Ihrvyn (Calimshan) Shrine of the Suffering (Baldur’s Gate) St Taril’s (or St. Kealn’s) Monastery (Calimshan) St Wityn’s Hospice (Alimir Mountains, Calimshan) St. Dobla’s Abbey (Marching Mountains, Calimshan) St. Faelar’s Cloisters (Marching Mountains, Calimshan) St. Noradnar’s Hermitage (Calim Desert, Calimshan) St. Saril’s Priory (Calimshan) Temple of Bound Hands (Saelmur) The Bloody Sash (Yeshpek) The Friary of St Amahl (Calim Desert, Calimshan) The Hospice of St. Mariam (Forest of Mir, Calimshan) The House of Ilmater (Westgate) The House of Tears (Zazesspur) The House of the Broken God (Keltar) The House of the Suffering God (Asbravn) The Monastery of St. Aban (Forest of Mir, Calimshan) The Palace of Justice, Duty, and Sufferance (Nagarr) The Rack of Glory (Yhaunn) The School of St. Rucir (Marching Mountains, Calimshan) The Shine of St. Asref (Calimport) The Towers of Willful Suffering (Eshpurta) Cloister of St Uzurr (Uzurr) ?Hospice of St. Laupsenn (Waterdeep)   Istishia   Castle of the Dancing Dolphin (Trackless Sea) Palace of the Cresting Winds (Calimport) The Amphitheater of Tasryn (Almraiven)   Iyachtu Xvim   Heart of the Hand (Under the ruins of Zhentil Keep) House of Iyachtu Xvim (Bexantur) The Vihaddah Semohl (Calimport)   Kelemvor   Skullspire (Tulmon) The Darkness Passing (Calimport) The Sahalarka (Calimport) Tower of Skulls (Ormath) The Seven-Skulled Tower (Isle of Memory, Calimport)   Kossuth   Flaming Brazier (Bezantur) The Imperious Flame (Calimport) The Temple of Fireyes (Schamedar)   Lathander   House of the Holy Dawn (Calimport) Lathander’s Light (Dagger Falls) Lathander’s Open Hand (Hap) Moonglow Tower (Daggerford) Morningdawn Hall (Shadowdale) Morningmist Hall (Marsember) Morningstar Haven (Westgate) Morningstone House (Asbravn) Rhyester’s Matins (Silverymoon) Roseportal House (Berdusk) Shrine of Rising Sun (Saelmur) The Dawn Belltowers (Calimport) The Dawn Tower (Ordulin) The Dawnspire (Myth Drannor) The Dome of Rose (Athkatla) The Glory of the Morning (Archenbridge) The Halls of the Morning Light (Raven’s Bluff) The Healing House of Lathander (Scornubel) The Hospice of Deadsnows (Mount Sabras in the Nether Mountain) The House of Morning (Feather Falls) The House of the Holy Light (Voonlar) The House of the Morning (Eveningstar) The Morning Halls (Tantras) The Morning Watchtower (Deadsnows) The Rose Alter (Tilverton) The Rose Portal (Baldur’s Gate) The Rose-Crowned Tower (Suldolphor) The Shrine to Dawn (Nagarr) The Song of the Morning (Beregost) The Spires of the Morning (Waterdeep) The Temple of the Morninglord (Ankhapur) The Tower of the Morn (Elversult) The Tower of the Morning (Telpir) Monastery of the Sun (Waterdeep)   Lliira   A House of Joy (Asbravn) Aurensahldah (Calimport) Palace of Holy Festivals (Selgaunt) Starrevel House (Berdusk) The Cascade of Coins (Innarlith) The Cry of Joy (Hill’s Edge) The Hall of Seccess (Procampur) The Halls of Laughter (Melvaunt) The High Hallowed Festival Hall (Yhaunn) The House of Happiness (Hillsfar) The Sounds of Joy (Waymoot) The Theater of Joy (Crimmor)   Loviatar   Black Spires of the Maiden (Vale of Wailing Women, Amn) Painbliss Hall (Westgate) The Fall of Stars (Harrowdale Town) The High House of Hurting (Mulmaster) The House of Nine Blessings (Calimport)The The House of the Lash (Harrowdale Town) The House of the Scarlet Hooks (Calaunt) The Palace of Sweet Pain (Zhentil Keep) The Resting Place of the Whip (Melvaunt) The Tower of Seven Woes (Skullport) The Sting (Cimbar) House of Pain (Undermountain, Waterdeep)   Malar   Claw Hollow (Moonwood) Deep Hunting Grounds (Undermountian, beneath Waterdeep) The Divine Den (Bezentil) The Lodge of the Great Hunt (Zhentil Keep) The Towers of Fury (Calimport) The Wyvernstones of Hullack (Cormyr) Bloody Rock (Northern edge of the Far Forest )   Mask   Telamuzhidah (Calimport) The House of Spires and Shadows (Westgate) The House of the Master’s Shadow (Telfamm) The Rogue Redeemed (Proskur) House of the Master’s Shadow (Uthmere)   Mielikki   Deep Glade (Tall Trees) Evergreen Hall (Everlund) Falls of the Tumbling Stars (West of Lake Sember) Mielikki’s Glade (Silverymoon) Rangers’ Refuge (Brost) The Glade of Life (High Forest) The Green Door (Essembra) The Halls of the Unicorn (Elventree) The Lady’s Grove (Sundabar) The Lady’s Hands (Waterdeep) The Unicorn Run (Mornbryn’s Shield)   Milil   Arbalest’s House (Athkatla) Candlekeep (Candlekeep) Descantor (Myth Nantar) Evensong Tower (Berdusk) Temple of Good Cheer (Waterdeep) The Halls of Inspiration (Silverymoon) The Happy House of Splendor and Song (Tantras) The House of Song (Selgaunt) The Scholar’s Priory (Calimport) The Theater of Joy (Crimmor)   Mystra   House of Mysteries (East of Elventree) Sevesheltor (Myth Nantar) The Halls of Mystery (Raven’s Bluff) The House of Mysteries (Nagarr) The House of Mystra (Harrowdale Town) The House of Wonder (Waterdeep) The Tower of Balance (Silverymoon) The Tower of Mysteries (Saerloon) Witches’ Hall (Immilmar) The High Temple of Mystra (Mount Talath)   Oghma   Candlekeep (Candlekeep) Domes of Reason (Procampur) House on Many Tomes (west of Songhal) Leaves of Learning (Highmoon) Nualorminoalh (Calimport) Pursuers of Pure Knowledge (Mintar) Scrivener’s Harbor (Myth Nantar) The Font of Knowledge (Waterdeep) The Halls of Inspiration (Silverymoon) The House of Knowledge (Neverwinter) The House of the Singing Harp (Harrowdale Town) The Leaves of Learning (Highmoon) The Library of Curna (Curna Mountains) The Library of the Binder (Saelmur) The Sanctum of the Scroll (Selgaunt) The Scholar’s Priory (Calimport) The Seat of Lore (Berdusk) The Stone Unturned (Iltkazar) The Unrolling Scroll (Baldur’s Gate) Tower of Thought (Selgaunt)   Selune   Lighthouse of the Moon (Calimport) Moonhall (Athakatla) Moonmaiden’s Hall (Murann) Moonrise House (Greatgaunt) Moonshadow Hall (Yhaunn) The High Alter of the Moon (Iriaebar) The House of Moonlight (Tantras) The House of the Lady (Immersea) The House of the Moon (Thentia) The House of the Moon (Waterdeep) The Moonflame (Raven’s Bluff) The Moonsilver House (Calaunt) The Moonwater (Ylraphon) The Protector’s House (Memnon) The Rising Moon (Tsurlagol) The Temple of Silver Stars (Silverymoon) The Temple of the Half-moon (Elmwood) The House of the Four Moons (Velprintalar) Abbey of Tharynd (Tashalar) Monastery of the Sun (Waterdeep) Selune’s Smile (Waterdeep) Hall of Reflected Moonlight (Waterdeep)   Shar   The Cult of the Shadow (Tsurlagol) The Dark Embrace (Small Teeth Mountains) The Darkhouse (Saerloon) The Hall of Shadows (Shade) The Temple of Old Night (Calimport) The Vale of Whispers (Southern end of the Graypeak Mountains) Vanrakdoom (Undermountain, Waterdeep)   Shaundakul   Lanthalas’s Requiem (West of the Stonebolt Trail) The Protector’s House (Memnon) The Wind-Rider’s Way (Calimport)   Silvanus   God’s Grove (Wheloon) Green Alter (Tilverton) House of Silvanus (Ilighon) Lyon’s Oak (South of the River Icehilt) Oakengrove Abbey (Mistledale) Oakfather’s Glen (Brost) Old Oak Dell (Forest of Tethir) Scared Grove of Silvanus (Grunwald) The Forestfather’s Grove (Hill’s Edge) The Golden Grove (Memnon) The Oak House (Quaervarr) The Shrines of Nature (Waterdeep) The Silverglen (Silvermoon)   Sune   Dawndancer House (Silverymoon) Firehair Hall (Riatavin) Firehair’s House (Selgaunt) Flame Stone (West of Drawn Swords) House of Firehair (Daerlun) The Consecrate (Suldolphor) The House of Firehair (Daerlun) The House of Revels (Ordulin) The Temple of Beauty (Waterdeep) The Theater of Joy (Crimmor) Monastery of the Sun (Waterdeep)   Talona   House of Night’s Embrace (Tashluta) Plague Rats (Rat Hills, Waterdeep) Plague-Mother’s Children (Chondath) Ruins of Castle Trinity (Snowflake Mountains) The Place of Waiting Death (Westgate)   Talos   Lightning’s Tower (Calimport) Stormhaven House (Urmlaspyr) The Gulf of Storms (North-East of Eshpurta) The House of Winds (Westgate) The Plaza of Divine Truth (Calimport) The Towers of Fury (Calimport) Sacellum of Slumbering Fire (Hlondath)   Tempus   Battle Chapel (Highcastle) Battlehall (Zhentil Keep) Gloryhall (Halfhap) Hall of Warriors (Luskan) High House of Swords and Banners (Ormpetarr) Spear Rock (Wyvernhunt) Swordpoint Shrine (Essembra) Swordspoint Hall (Berdusk) The Abbey of the Sword (Battledale) The Arms House (Calimport) The Beacon of Battle (Calimport) The Hand that Swings the Sword (Elturel) The High Hall of Swords (Mulmaster) The House of Glory (Tantras) The House of Heroes (Waterdeep) The House of Swords (Glister) The House of the Helm (Voonlar) The House of War (Raven’s Bluff) The Old Sharp Sword (Hill’s Edge) The Shine of Crossed Swords (Scardale) The Shrine of Swords (Archenbridge) The Table of the Sword (Daggerford) The Towers of the Vengeful Hand (Eshpurta) The Vault of Swords (Hillsfar)   Torm   Citadel of the Rampant Eagle (Eagle Peak) Halls of Justice (Neverwinter) House of Duty (Halfhap) House of the Hand (Procampur) Temple of Torm’s Coming (Tantras) The Hall of Everlasting Justice (Sundabar) The House of the Hand (Procampur) The Palace of Justice, Duty, and Sufferance (Nagarr) The Shrine of Duty (Saelmur) Barakmordin (West of Saradush)   Tymora   Fairfortune Hall (Daggerford) Fortune Hall (Silverymoon) Fortuneboon Hall (Westgate) Lady Luck’s Lending House (Athkatla) Lodge of Luck (Halfhap) Luck House (Ordulin) The Coinstacks (Keczulla) The Gates of Good Fortune (Mulmaster) The Hall of Luck (Glister) The Hall of Luck (Raven’s Bluff) The Hall of Luck (Urmlaspyr) The Halls of Fortune (Calimport) The Hand of Chance (Tilverton) The Happy Halls of Fortuitous Happenstance (Yartar) The House of Hope (Tantras) The House of the Lady (Shadowdale) The Lady of Good Fortune (Harrowdale Town) The Lady’s Hall (Baldur’s Gate) The Lady’s Happy Hall (Procampur) The Lady’s House (Arabel) The Ladysluck Tower (Yhaunn) The Lap of Luck (Scardale) The Sheltering Hand (Waymoot) The Tower of Luck (Waterdeep) The Towers of Good Fortune (Suzail) Tymora’s Holy Hall of Good Fortune and Casino (Zhentil Keep)   Tyr   Abbey of the Blinding Truth [1372] (Westgate) Hand of Justice (Grunwald) House of Tyr’s Hand (Milvarune) Pantheist Temple of Tyr (Rock of Bral, Tears of Selune) The Abbey of the Just Hammer (Tasseldale) The Fortress Faithful (South-West of Zazesspur) The Hall of Everlasting Justice (Sundabar) The Hall of High Justice (Saelmur) The Hall of Justice (Neverwinter) The Halls of Justice (Waterdeep) The Kiss of the Lady (Hill’s Edge) The Measure House (Calimport) The Mos que of Tyr (East of Daggerford) The Palace of Justice, Duty, and Sufferance (Nagarr) The Silver Hall (Raven’s Bluff) The Waiting (Phlan) Hall of Brilliant Justice (Uthmere) Hall of the Avenging Hammer (Telflamm) Summit Hall (Sumber Hills, SE of Red Larch) House of Two Hands (Waterdeep) Barakmordin (West of Saradush)   Umberlee   Cove of the Queen (Mintarn) Darkwave Hall (Urmlaspyr) Hall of Black Waves (Ruathym) House on the Cliff (Marsember) Seacaves of the Roaring (Teshburl) Shipsgrave Tower (Velen) Stormhaven House (Orlumbor) Temple of Red Sails (Luskan) The Battering Wave (Tsurlagol) The Consecrate (Suldolphor) The Groto of the Queen (Lathtarl’s Lantern) The Jagged Rocks (Zhentil Keep) The Towers of Fury (Calimport) The Trident Towers (Almraiven) The Water-Queen’s House (Baldur’s Gate) Whitecap Hall (Westgate) Queenspire (Waterdeep)   Waukeen   Goldhall of the Sacraments (Urmlaspyr) Goldspires (Athhatla) Highwater Hall (Highwater) House of Fair Trade (Nesme) Khanduq of the Coinmother (Calimport) The Cascade of Coins (Innarlith) The Coinchapel (Calimport) The Hall of Diamonds (Yhaunn) The Hall of Success (Procampur) The House Built of Gold (Mulmaster) The House of Coins (Elversult) The Lodge of Coins (Riatavin) The Tower of Gold (Iriaebor) The Tower of Riches (Ordulin) The Wall of Coins (Suldolphor) Temple of the Lady of Coins (Phent) Gilt House of Gleaming Coins (Sheirtalar)   Sheela Peryroyl   The Ladyhouse (Corm Orp)   Garl Glittergold   The Gilded Nugget (Songfarla, Sunrise Mountains) The Temple of Wisdom (The Friendly Arm)   Shiallia   The Glade of Life (High Forest) The Golden Oak (Silverymoon) The Grotto (Everlund)   Lurue   Knights of the Unicorn (Baldur’s Gate) Phontyr’s Unicorn (Elturel) Place of the Unicorn (Northeast of Leilon) The Glade of Life (High Forest)   Corellon Larethian   Corellon’s Glen (Deepingdale) Corellon’s Grove (Northern Evermeet) Starmeadow (Everlund) Pantheon Temple of the Seldarine (Waterdeep)   Dumathoin   Alter of the Last Stand (Dagger Falls) The Gilded Hall of Glittering Gems (Mines of Mirabar) The Hall of Omlars (Iltkazar)   Valkur   Dolphin’s Leap (Valen) Sailor’s Last Request [Shrine] (Waterdeep) The Protector’s House (Memnon) The Schooner of the Seas (Based in Athkatla) The Storm Horn (Murann) The Temple of Endless Waves and Wind (Sea of Fallen Stars) The Wavelord’s House (Telmene)   Deep Sashelas   Marultirthyr (Myth Nantar) The Dome of the Dancing Dolphin (Thunderfoam, under the Trackless Sea) Pantheon Temple of the Seldarine (Waterdeep)   Persana   The Clarion Call (Myth Nantar)   Segojan Earthcaller   The Den of the Great Badger (Hardbuckler) The Ruby in the Rough (Blingdenstone)   Callarduran Smoothhands   The Steadfast Stone (Blingdenstone) The Vault of the Star Ruby (Callarduran, beneath the Sea of Fallen Stars)   Baervan Wildwanderer   Oaksong Tower (Forgotten Forest) The Trillimac Stockade (Blingdenstone)   Leduguer   Overlake Hold (Gracklstugh) The Craftchimney (Underspires)   Diirinka   The Hall of Sacred Spells (Gracklstugh)   Vhaeraun   The Hall of Midnight Bloodshed (Dallnothax, Forest of Mir) The Onyx Labyrinth (Iskasshyoll, Forert of Mir) The Tower of the Masked Mage (Sshamath) The Vault of Cloaked Midnight (Beneath Mount Sarenegard)   Lolth   Guallidurth (Beneath the Deserts if Calimshan) The Web of the Spider Queen (Sshamath)   Moradin   The Ancient Forge (Ilthazar) The Foundry of Stout Souls (Deep Realms) The Hall of Moradin’s Forge (Citadel Adbar)   Barronar Truesilver   The Abbry of Earthhearth (Firecaverns of the Deep Realm) The Ancient Forge (Ilthazar)   Gorm Gulthyn   The Bronze Mask (Iltkazar) The Great Shieldhall of Eternal Vigilance (Great Rift)   Dugmaren Brightmantle   The Athenaeum of Philosophy (Silverymoon) The Hall of Runestones (Iltkazar)   Deep Duerra   The Spear of Conquest (Underspires)   Eilistraee   The Mouth of Song (North of Quaervarr) The Promenade of the Dark Maiden (Undermountain) The Shadowtop Glade (Harrowdale) Dancing Dell (Ardeep)   Ghaunadaur   Citadel of Slime (?) Kiaransalee   The Acropolis of Thanatos (Beneath the Galana Mountains and plains of Vaasa)   Selvetarm   The Apostolaeum of the Spider (Spider Swamp)   Abbathor   Abbai Abbathor (Teziir) The House of Gold (Turnback Mountain)   Clangeddin Silverbeard   The Battlecavern of Unquenched Valor (Earthfast Mountains)   Haela Brightaxe   The Hall of Grand Hunts (Forlorn Hills) The Sword Grotto (Tor of Swords, North-Northwest of the Hill of Lost Souls)   Marthammor Duin   The Hospice of Deadsnows (Mount Sabras in the Nether Mountain) The Vault of the Lost Wayfarer (Berun’s Hill)   Sharindlar   The Vale of Dancing Water (Sumber Hills)   Thard Harr   The Emerald Crater (Volcano in Chult)   Vergadain   The Trademoot of Golden Fortune (Earthheart on the Great Rift)   Aerdrie Faenya   The Aerie of Snow Eagles (Mount Sundabar in Sossal) Pantheon Temple of the Seldarine (Waterdeep)   Angharradh   The Hall of Trifold Harmony (Taltempla, Evermeet) Pantheon Temple of the Seldarine (Waterdeep)   Erevan Ilesere   Quicksilver’s Lair (High Peaks) Pantheon Temple of the Seldarine (Waterdeep)   Fenmarel Mestarine   Pantheon Temple of the Seldarine (Waterdeep)   Hanali Celanil   The Fountainheart of Shimmering Gold (Bellcrest in the Vale of Evereska) Pantheon Temple of the Seldarine (Waterdeep)   Labelas Enoreth   Pantheon Temple of the Seldarine (Waterdeep)   Rillifane Rallathil   Moontouch Oak (Tangled Trees Region of Cormanthor) House of the Leaflord (Relkath’s Foot) Pantheon Temple of the Seldarine (Waterdeep)   Sehanine Moonbow   Twin Spires of Mystery (Myth Dyraalis, Forest of Mir) Pantheon Temple of the Seldarine (Waterdeep)   Shevarash   The Vault of Unquenched Vengeance (Elven Court Region of Cormanthor) Pantheon Temple of the Seldarine (Waterdeep)   Solonor Thelandira   Moonrise Hollow (Moonrise Hill) The Hall of the High Hunt (Moondark Hill in Evereska Vale) Pantheon Temple of the Seldarine (Waterdeep)   Baravar Cloakshadow   The Vault of Seven Mysteries (The Hill of Tombs in Impiltur) Twin Spires of Mystery (Myth Dyraalis, Forest of Mir)   Gaerdal Ironhand   The Shield of the Rathguant Hills (Rathguant Hill)   Arvoreen   Citadel of the Banner Raised Anew (Amn)   Cyrrollalee   The Grapevine’s Root (Vineshade Tethyr)   Urogalan   The Cliffborrow Cloister (Urogalan’s Bluff)   Yondalla   Abbey of the Bountiful Horn (Ammathluir, western Luiren)   Finder Wyvernspur   The Singing Cave (The Lost Vale)   Garagos   Godswalk Keep (Barony of Great Oak, Border Kingdoms) The House of Steel (Westgate) The Vale of the Reaver (Yondath)   Gargauth   Sign of the Silver Harp Inn (West of Bridge of Fallen Men) The Dark Pit of Maleficence (Ruins of Pelevaren)   Gwaeron Windstorm   Gwaeron’s Slumber (West of Triboar)   Hoar   The Amphitheater of the First Thunder (Mourktar) The Hidden Hand of Fate (Archendale) The Thunderous Hand of Vengeance (Akanax)   Jergal   Godswalk Keep (Barony of Great Oak, Border Kingdoms) The Crypt of Imminent Death (Bezantur) The Sahalarka (Calimport)   Nobanion   Machran Spire (Gurnth) Nobanion’s Great Pride (Shining Plains) The Pride of Nobanion (Nathlekh)   Red Knight   The Citadel of Strategic Militancy (North-East of Baldur’s Gate) The House of Strategy (Ankhapur)   Savras   The Hall of Pools and Mirrors (Candlekeep) The House of the All-Seeing Orb (Tashluta)   Sharess   Festhall of Eternal Delight (Calimport) The House of the Purple Cloak (Suldolphor) The Prowling Purr (Innarlith)   Siamorphe   The Chapel and Chalice of the Divine Right (Waterdeep)   Ulutiu   The Glacier of Ulutiu (Great Glacier)   Velsharoon   Order of One Thousand Nightmares (Fields of the Dead) The Crypt of the Arisen Army (Skull Gorge)   Eshowdow   The Great Shadow’s Mansion (The Valley of Lost Honor)   Sseth   Shrine of Cowled Serpents (Forest of Wyrms) The Cathedral of Emerald Scales (Hlondeth) The Pit of Vipers (Black Jungles)   Ubtao   The Maze of Life (Mezro)   Anhur   Guardians of Skuld (Skuld) The Blood Fortress (Sultim)   Geb   The Golden Forge (Ship of the Gods)   Horus-Re   The Solarium (Skuld)   Isis   Guardians of Skuld (Skuld) The Mystic Cornucopia (The Great Vale) The Spring of Eternal Hope (Shussel) The Temple of Bountiful Joy (Skuld)   Nephthys   The Vault of Golden Commerce (Nethorild)   Osiris   Guardians of Skuld (Skuld) The Crypt of Shadows (Jhalhoren) The Gateway to the Afterworld (Mishtan)   Sebek   River’s Maw (Sekras)   Set   The Cavern of the Jackal (Sampransez)   Thoth   Arcanum of Magic (Gheldeneth)   Tiamat   The Alter of Scales (Catacombs of Ruined Unthalass) The Wings of the Queen Reborn (Ruins of Castle Perilous) Shrine of the First Lizard (Surkh) The Pit of Many Colors (Unthalass)р

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