Sample Goblinoid Army

Inspired by the image of the War Camp on page 51 of Volo's Guide to Monsters, here's a sample breakdown of a War Camp.   Sample Goblinoid Army:   X 1 Hobgoblin Warlord p. 187, CR 6, 2300 XP   X 1 Hobgoblin Devastator CR 4, 1100 XP   X 24 Hobgoblin Captain p. 187, CR 3, 700 XP   X 4 Bugbear Chief p. 33, CR 3, 700 XP   X 1 Hobgoblin Priest of Maglubiyet P. 348 CR 2, 450   X 1 Hobgoblin Iron Shadow CR 2, 450 XP   X 36 Bugbear p. 33, CR 1, 200 XP   X 1 Goblin Boss p. 166 CR 1, 200 XP   X 192 Hobgoblin p. 187, Cr ½, 100 XP   X 143 Goblin p 166, CR ¼, 50 XP   X 12 Worgs p. 341, CR ½, 100 XP   X 3 Carrion Crawlers p. 37, CR 2, 450 XP   X 36 Dire Wolves p.321 CR 1, 200 XP   Dwellings:   x1 Command Center/Officers quarters   x32 Barracks/lodges (15x10 ft, 6 Hobgoblins per cabin)   x36 tents (10x10 feet, 4 Goblins per tent)   x10 Bugbear Dens (4 bugbears per den)   Total Monsters: 455 (horde)   Organization:   Hobgoblins:   24 Squads of 8 Hobgoblins + 1 Captain per squad (4/24 Squads = Dire Wolf Calvary)   Goblins   Alpha Squad: ‘Boss Goblin + 11 Bodyguards’   Beta Squad: x12 Goblin Calvary (Spears & Worgs)   Gamma Squad: x12 Goblin Infantry (Scimitar)   Delta Squad: x12 Goblin Ranged (Short bow)   96 Goblins are support workers:   x60 Gathering / Stealing / Hunting / Trapping   x14 Cooking   x12 Maintenance & Animal handling   x10 are ‘pariah’ tending latrines, scrubbing etc.   Bugbears   x4 Squads of 8 Bugbears led by a chief (9)   Base Defense:   10 ft high Palisade Walls   x8 40 ft high watchtower (9 mile view/ 1 & ½ hexes)   3 shifts of 8hrs (Sleeping/Active duty/training, eating, socializing)   Command Center:   Warlord (General)   Hobgoblin Devastator   Priest of Maglubliyet   Iron Shadow   2 Squad of 8 Hobgoblins +2 Captains   1 Goblin Boss + 11 Goblins   Supply carts x4 are guarded by 1 Squad of Hobgoblins in shifts of 8 hrs (2 Hobgoblins at each cart) Guarding at all times (3 Squads assigned)   x8 Watchtowers have 1 Squad of Hobgoblins at all times (3 Squads Assigned)   x4 Gates are Guarded by a pair of Hobgoblins at all times (3 Squads Assigned)   2 Squads of Bugbears laze away (18)   Raiders: (Out looking for things to capture & kill)   7 Squads of Hobgoblins (2x Direwolf Calvary, 2x Range, 3x Melee)   2 Squads of Bugbears   2 Squads of Goblins (Gamma & Delta)   On Patrol   x2 Squads of Direwolf Calvary   Goblin Beta Squad Worg Calvarly   War Camp Part 2, Proposed Mechanics for Camp Logistics.   Army preparedness:   15 Squads of Hobgoblins assigned to functions at the base (5 Squads = 40 Hobgoblins, 5 Captains)   1/3 of base defenders are on active duty   1/3 of base defenders are eating or socializing or training   1/3 of base defenders are sleeping at any given moment   1/3 of patrol units are resting   1/3 of patrol units are eating, socializing or training   1/3 of patrol units are on patrol   Raiders are out on missions.   All Active Duty base defenders are armed and armored (5 squads). Half of the Hobgoblin squads rounded down (2 squads) eating, socializing or training are wearing armor All of the sleeping Hobgoblins are unarmored. (5 squads)   7 Squads armed and armored 8 Squads unarmored.   Hobgoblins wear heavy armor (Chain Mail & Shield): 10 Minutes to don.   Hobgoblin Captains wear medium armor (Half Plate): 5 Minutes to don.   Hobgoblin Warlord wears heavy armor (Plate Mail), but has attendants to help him put it on: 5 minutes to don.   Unarmored Hobgoblins w sword & shield have AC 13 (Dex + Shield)   Unarmored Hobgoblins w/Longbow have AC 11 (Dex)   Goblin Warriors have light armor (Leather & shield) 1 minute to don.   Goblin support workers do not have armor or shields, AC 12 (Dex) and are armed with knives (1d2 piercing dmg) or hatchets (1d4 slashing)   Goblin ‘Chefs’ have knives and boiling pots of stew. Improvised Weapon, thrown 5/10 ft, 1d6 scalding damage, creatures struck by boiling stew make a CON save DC 11 or be stunned for one round. (So yes, stew is always thrown at disadvantage)   Goblin Pariahs have shovels, pitchforks, rags and zero morale (non-combatant)   Bugbears wear medium armor AC 16 (hide or chain shirt + shield) 5 mins to don, + 1 minute to rouse from laziness unless burrow invaded (then no armor).   Weapons: Everyone who has a weapon has it on their person, on a weapon rack nearby (command center) or under their bed (dwelling).   Ammunition: Hobgoblins have 20 arrows in their quiver   Goblins have 2d6 + 3 arrows in their quivers   Watchtowers have ammo crates with 100 arrows   Supply carts have enough ammo to re-supply each warrior 4 times. Destroying a cart eliminates one unit of supply from the Hobgoblin Warcamp.   Mounts:   The three Carrion crawlers are always present, ready to be ridden by the Goblin Boss and his 11 bodyguards in teams of four. One holds a lantern out in front of the Carrion Crawler to steer, the other three use their shortbows or scimitars. If the lantern bearer is slain the carrion crawler starts moving where it wants.   The mounts for two of the patrols will be present 12 Worgs (Goblin patrol) or 9-18 Dire Wolves (Hobgoblin Patrols) Their riders will not be on active duty. Riders joining the fray spend an additional minute saddling their mount starting from when they get to it.   Patrols:   Given the Watchtowers are 40 feet tall, commanding a view of 9 miles (1 & ½ hexes), it takes most of a patrol’s shift to reach the limits of the tower’s line of site and return to camp. Upon leaving the limit of a watchtower's vision, patrols can probe an additional 3 miles in any direction and see an additional 3 miles ahead of their position on flat terrain w/o obstructions. Patrols that detect hostile forces can raise the alarm by blowing horns. This puts the Warcamp on alert, giving all the available forces time to don their armor and take position or assemble to set out. The fewer the number of obstructions between the watchtower and its line of sight, the less valuable patrols are. Especially if the War Camp itself is situated at a higher elevation than the surrounding area.   Watchtowers: Hobgoblins/Goblins present in the tower rely on their passive perception to notice movement until their Squad Leader comes for their report. If their passive perception detects movement, the soldier will attempt an active perception roll to determine what it is. If movement is spotted but the source cannot be identified, the soldier makes a check each round after notifying his squad leader. Squad Leaders make their rounds four times during a shift. When asked to report, the soldier on duty makes a perception check. PCs passing the 6000 ft mark with an unobstructed line of sight are subject to a perception check by soldiers in the relevant watchtowers as the Hobgoblins know the minimum distance needed to ready themselves. If Goblins are in the towers, this additional check does not occur due to their sub par discipline.   Once per morning the priest will ascend a tower to attempt to determine the weather.   If warning is given, the Devastator takes position in the tower closest to the oncoming threat and casts Ice storm at 300 feet.   Alarms:   No Alarm = If the PCs approach undetected, there are 45 Hobgoblins on active duty ready to fight. Two of those squads will be in the command center. The others at the supply carts, gates and towers with their squad leaders making rounds around the camp or in the officers mess or reporting to the general in the command center. If intruders are detected in the camp and the alarm goes out. On duty soldiers rally, off duty and sleeping ones start getting ready to join the fray (putting on armor). Once the Alarm goes off enemies will join the fray in intervals of:   Immediately - non-support enemies within line of sight   1 round - Soldiers in armor at the ready   1 minute (Goblins with Light armor)   2 minutes (Goblin Worg Riders & Carrion Crawler teams)   5 minutes Hobgoblin Captains & Warlord   6 minutes Bugbears &   10 minutes Hobgoblins (Chain mail)   11 minutes Hobgoblin Dire Wolf Riders   Squad leaders may order their squads to engage with just their shield (if they have one) and weapon depending on the threat. Support workers either cower or prepare buckets for fire fighting detail.   Early Warning (patrol) = All combatants ready, Assailants might not yet know where Warcamp is located (not within line of sight on flat terrain)   Tower Warning: If spotted at max range even a galloping horse would only make it 8 miles closer in an hour. Min range to spot and be prepared is 6000 ft (10 minutes of move 30, dash 30) Difficult terrain halves this distance to 3000 ft.

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