Mapvember 2022 - The Zento

Since the first scrawled map of Nostvary there has always been a mysterious crater loitering at the edge of the great marsh. Travellers mentioned it as they passed, using it as a landmark on longer journeys but none dared approach wary of the ghosts that haunt its shadows. It took the combined wisdom of the Unified Temple along with the bravery of an imperial regiment to defeat the guardian and gain entrance to the interior.  

1. Crater

The Zento

2. Cavern

Crackle Cavern
Zento- Crackle Cavern

10. Cemetery

The Warrior's Necropolis
Zento- The Warrior's Necropolis

11. Dragon

The Bathhouse

20. Egg

The clutch of dragon eggs being held in the treasury. The Imperial Fort
Zento- The Imperial Fort

27. Haven

Bracken's Grove

28. Spice

The Durangle Merchants
zento- durangle merchants.png

30. Garden

Mother Hong'la's Garden
zento-mother honglas garden.png


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