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Lucy The Thousand Faced

"Nothing undead should be called cute" - Ryhmis

Lucy (a.k.a. The Thousand Faced)

Lucy turned her head quizzically at the odd sphere. Spinning and spinning in it's dish at the feet of the pedestal. Kitan was flipping through the pages of the book Nyx had given her before they'd left for the ritual. "Lucy please be careful around there, I'm not sure it's affects on you." Kitan didn't even need to raise her head from the book to tell that Lucy was only centimeters from teaching the spinning orb. Lucy made her gurgle noises, deep in her throat that echoed there her skull and dried bones. Kitan had been told by Nyx that it was a language simply labeled as Death, spoken only by those who head seen death's true form. Though it could be understood by those who made deals with it. Kitan had been informed by Nyx that Lucy had terrible manners. "Don't talk back to me" Lucy simply shook her head wildly with her wide smirk and jumped away to find more interesting things she could touch in this place of death.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Lucy can contort her body into many shapes and forms using the extra bones from her kills and original creation. Kitan is unsure how this works but is grateful for Nyx's knowledge in creating it. Two sets of eyes can always be seen on every form because of the two spirits used to create her. Lucy tends to keep her form small and agile. Nearly feline like. A long tail comes with this form and is often used for communication.

Body Features

Outer layers are bone, clearly from different species. Atop her head sits a bird like "helmet" with eyes that are never watching the same area the eyes on her face are. Her mouth unhinges and opens widely as she has no lips. Her feet form bird like claws that can grip the earth to steady her and many services. Kitan is surprised with the amount of this she can hold herself to with only her feet. Lucy has decorated her head with mock hair and flowers to hide the stitching she used to keep the hair in place. Her hips hold a bone like skirt decorated with feathers and flowers.

Facial Features

Lucy's face is simple, a odd skull of an unknown species was clearly used to make it. The jaw a fleshy substance that Necromancers call Skin Quilt. Teeth were added to the inner jaw to allow Lucy to chew her food without eating it whole. The top bird like skull shows no signs of where it starts or ends. It creates a large crown like structure atop Lucy's head with spikes that flare out.

Identifying Characteristics

Lucy can hide herself as a normally crafted undead, but will always have flowers and feathers attached to her. Allowing Kitan to know which of the undead that follow her is Lucy.

Physical quirks

Tends to move around like a cat. Walking on all fours and is curious about nearly all things.

Special abilities

Lucy is able to consume bones from her prey and store them somewhere within her Skin Quilt. This allows her to use them in her shape shifting abilities.

Apparel & Accessories

Flowers and Feather's are Lucy's decoration of choice. Kitan is sure the flowers are for the pleasant smell after Kitan made the mistake of mentioning the smell of undead in front of Lucy. The feathers are an unknown interest.

Specialized Equipment

Lucy's hands are constructed out of orc hand bones. Bones that are strong and nearly indestructible. Nyx sharpened them to a fine point making Lucy a deadly hand to hand combatant.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Lucy was the first creation of Kitan and Nyx as a pair. Kitan had helped Nyx raise the dead before, but had never built a new undead creation with her. Lucy was the product of the two working together. Two keep this new creation alive two spirits melded together were required. Lucy almost didn't survive the ritual. But with great care over her next few months Kitan was able to keep the undead creature alive. Lucy was forever attached to Kitan because of this, which Nyx found rather adorable.

Intellectual Characteristics

Lucy has shown signs of behind highly clever. Able to trick many wizards who are said to be extremely smart.


Unlike other undead Lucy refuses to eat human flesh. Tending to catch wild animals and feed off them.



After Kitan and Lucy left Nyx, Lucy tends to use her long tail to communicate with Kitan. It's similar to form of sign language from an outsiders perspective


For those who understand Death, Lucy has a rather rude way of addressing people. Likely because of her conflicting spirits used to construct her.

Circumstances of Birth
A creation of Kitan and Nyx
Biological Sex
Known Languages

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