Little Creek

Little Creek, the small town that heroes are born from. Starting in a small simple village and heading off to travel to great adventures. But Little Creek has never had such a great hero in their history. People of Little Creek keep to themselves and only send merchants out to the large towns, to trade for goods to then sell to their own people. It's a humble place that attempts to keep itself out of the political landscape of the Capital's Kingdom. Little Creek isn't known to many in the kingdom unless you are a fellow merchant who wishes to make good trades for no coin. The Kingdom runs on gold, so trading goods for goods can be a massive scores when you are looking to expand your inventory.


Little Creek is full of those who like to work with their hands. Hunters, craftsmen and those simply in tune with nature. It's a lovely place for peaceful rest and enjoying the simple answers of life. The populace is human with a small elven group that is openly welcome and greeted as friends and family. Strangers are seen as friends yet made, but with a cautioned air to it. As the dangers of new to such a traditional town are still feared.


Baylon Triston rules with a firm but kind hand. He was raised from his youth in Little Creek and understands the wants and needs of the people. Other then the money troubles and debts Lord Baylon has with the Captial the people are content with him. Taxation was never common in Little Creek, only when danger struck and funding was needed to defend what was theres. But as of late the King's Knights have taken to taking what the please to feed the crown it's gold to pay Lord Baylon's debts. Other then those few elements the people govern themselves dealing with the troubles on their own as usually it these problems are caused by outsiders and simply removing the person from the forest solves their problem in the end.


Little Creek hides in a far of area of the Kingdom. Defenses are kept to the basics. But it's true defense is the confusion of the forest. Other then the Triston Manor a majority of the town is hidden inside the trees. The trails created by the locals has many dead ends and twisting paths to confuse those untrusted with the proper knowledge of how to navigate the trails. This has kept the citizens of Little Creek save for many Hunts.


Much of the inhabitants hunt for a living. Some though take to traveling selling the many hides and meat from the forest hunters. Little Creek merchants are often sought after since they are few. Plus these merchants rarely trade for coin, but will trade for wheat, woods, fish, and other goods. Then return early in the trading season to sell these goods to the people of Little Creek.


Little Creek is lost in a small forest full of wildlife. It is a beautiful location filled with small merchants dealing with the local hunters. Both food and hides are traded and keep Little Creek in a state of decent living. Most of the peoples gold and valuables are taken by Knights of the Capital to pay for the Manor's debt.


Little Creek has no real assets outside it's homes, small businesses that sell mostly to it's own people and a large local tavern. Triston Manor hosts a black smith known for little more then the ability to fuel it's small militia.


The history of Little Creek is nothing more then a dot in history books. It was built from a few small families of hunters who had stumbled across the forest full of life. Instead of spreading the news of the location they took to homesteading the area for themselves. Only letting trusted people know it's location. Soon the location was widely known as rumors had spread but it was to late. The small group had formed it's town and laws had been laid, protected the forest from damaging and losing the perfect ecosystem that breed such a large and diverse wildlife.


Little Creek values it's forest highly, thus instead of using it's wood to build housing, builds housing around the trees using hides and stone. The forest carries a great amount of wild life that creates beautiful homes that hide amongst for forest at times. Little Creek's residences though not a majority elven are considered to be like the fae for their more natural homes.


Little Creek rests in a small forest. Large trees tightly packed around the town clearings. Little Creek is spread out in the forest connected by small worked out trails. The Triston Manor rests slightly outside the forest with a large stone wall circling it and part of the forest.

Natural Resources

Though the town is located in a forest, it is so small and considered to sacred for Little Creek that nearly no wood is taken from it. Little Creek thus hunts the woods for it's resources and uses the creek itself for water.
Inhabitant Demonym
A majority of Little Creek are human, with a small mix of elves that remain from fall of the elven city.
Baylon Triston
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