Circa 3598

From the nobles of Shryock North who are naive to the struggles of the commoner to the warring clans of the Badlands of the Northern Expanse. Everyone has their theories regarding the origins of their home on Areilon. Many theories are ramblings from ancient traditions, long discarded, while others are passed down through bardic songs. Some are the teachings of religious orders that only reveal partial truths to gain political clout. Even fewer explore the absolute truth. For these theories exist from the tenacity of those who dig beneath the dust and decay that hide the battles long forgotten, texts long abandoned, and heroes lost to history.   The details are often debated for those who remain interested, but for most, the basic need for survival casts a never-ending shadow on the question of where we came from. The question remains, however, for those that are consumed by curiosity, it calls those who hunger for the truth, fueling the business of adventuring, giving purpose to endangering one's life exploring ancient ruins and finding truths that can shed light on reality.

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