The Red Clergy

"Nechestivy is a land without gods, and yet we still have a church. Why, you ask? The same as all others, to worship. Save for we worship our fellow Risen, the individual, the people of Nechestivy who built these cities and the homes we live in. We do not owe our lives to the gods, we owe it to us! We conquered this land, we beat the odds, and have created the greatest civilization in this world! Glory to Nechestivy! Glory to the Red Clergy!" - Nikolas, Founding Father of Nechestivy
  Risen throughout all of Nora have lived in reverence of the gods since their very creation. Whether it is Artur in La Patria or Orloch in Tamaha, many countries have established themselves to be thoroughly devoted to at least one of the many gods. Nechestivy, the Land of the Unholy, was founded in opposition to these beliefs. The founding Nechestivans believed that the Risen were meant to grow greater than their creators, much as a son is expected to overgrow their father. Nothing exemplifies this better than the existence of Nechestivy's Red Clergy.   The Red Clergy is almost as old as Nechestivy itself, created by Founding Fathers Radomir and Nikolas back when Korona was just a few wooden buildings and palisades. It was originally the two Founding Fathers and a couple of their most trusted advisors among the initial community. It was named as such in more of a tongue-in-cheek manner, poking fun at the countries that they were trying to separate themselves from. There was no religious services or connotation outside of that. The unofficial group would meet regularly to make discuss problems regarding the town and surrounding settlements as they were growing into a developed nation.   Coming under fire from Nechestivan citizens for beliefs of a cult forming, they began an official campaign to declare themselves and spread nationalism and goodwill. The Red Clergy's beliefs were explained to be the worship of the Risen themselves. By giving praise to one's self and their abilities, they believed that they were taking that power back away from the gods and giving it to themselves. By living to their ideals through Nechestivan ways and values, they would achieve their happiness rather than living to please the gods. Acceptance of the Clergy spread throughout the newfound nation and they were established firmly in the capital city of Korona.  

Power Changes

  After Fathers Nikolas and Radomir passed away, having outlived their original selected companions, the Red Clergy was now hosting a new assortment of Nechestivan officials. The Clergy evolved as most political stations did; as they gained power, they became greedy in the enforcement of said power. The Red Clergy began to enact heavy taxes upon the Nechestivan people and removed education privileges for the lower class under the veil of labor focus on being better for the nation. Naturally, it is easier for leaders to control an uneducated populous.   The Red Clergy has fully conformed to their once name-only moniker. Their leaders are now called priests and answer to an Arch Bishop inside a great chapel within Korona. They hold regular sermons to preach their values and guide the Nechestivan citizens toward the goals the Clergy has put forth. Most citizens work jobs assigned by their local clergymen and believe them to be holy figures in their own right. In the absence of gods, the Red Clergy has assumed divine authority over Nechestivy.   Currently, they number over a few hundred, with the largest presence in Korona and outlying officials in other cities to keep a strong presence. Clergy members are often made through familial connections or picked out from a crop of new children. It is not strange for babes to be taken from their mothers to join the Clergy and their services. Any who fights against this is often promptly arrested for heresy and treason. New members start in page services, keeping logs or cleaning the churches, hoping to one day advance into ceremony services and the lofty goal of an official priest.

Relationship with the Czar

  The Czar is the figurehead of Nechestivy and meant to be its greatest leader and power. However, many citizens recognize the Clergy as holding the true power within the country. The Czar is old and said to be 'muddled in his mind', deferring all leadership decisions to his most trusted advisor, the Arch Bishop. Rumors are widespread discussing how the Arch Bishop will take the role of Czar soon without relinquishing their former position. With both factions combined, the Red Clergy would truly control all of Nechestivy.  

Taint and the Clergy

  Nechestivan Taint has always had close relations with the Red Clergy. Founding Father Nikolas was the first Nechestivan to carry the Taint, and he was the first behind the creation of the Clergy. The descendants that first joined him and eventually replaced him in the leadership all carried it within their blood. Even now the Clergy treats the Taint as a sign of being gifted at birth; a blessing not from any gods, but from the land itself. Though there are enough among the priesthood that knows the truth of the matter.   Those born with the Taint in their systems are most likely to be chosen by the Clergy, though they remain prejudiced in their selection. Several Tainted babies are born slow or non-functioning, many of which do not survive the first years of their life. It is often the ones with more fortunate 'gifts' that are inducted; individuals with great strength and minds that display possibilities of greatness within the church. Cripples and others they deem useless are often tossed to the side or eliminated to lower the chance of their traits repeating in future bloodlines.

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