Seigna, Mother of the Hunt

  Seigna, also known as the Great Huntress, the Jungle Shadow, and the God Arrow, was the second god to emerge in the second wave of gods from Nora's blood. The most reserved out of the trio, Seigna tended to keep to herself in their first meeting with Artur and ever since. She gave Artur and Elanaah their due respect, but left them to fulfill her own desires after that. She had no issue with Creation, just the urge to do it on her own. She spread out into the world and filled it with her Magick.   Seigna's first creation was filling the rest of the world with animals. She made it so that living creatures could be found in every corner of the land, despite not having the status and mind of a Risen race. These were meant to be food and a vital part of life on the world, but in them she found what she felt to be her greatest creation - sport and entertainment. She hunted all manner of animals. When the animals proved to be too little of a challenge, she found them absorbing the essence of Nora to become Magickal Beasts - creatures that were infused with a heavier amount of magick that ascended them into a higher state of being with enhanced abilities. These she chased across through the jungles and across the mountains, filling her life with joy and purpose.   After a while, the other gods gathered to reaffirm her of her mission and urge her to create her Risen race, using Deign as an example. Orloch refrained from this engagement, telling them to fight her instead, and that a group council was shameful. Seigna relented easily, however, but she insisted that her name not be associated with it like the others. Choosing Ehrlen as their name, she made them in a similar image to the Ehlen, but chose to have them live a much more simple, natural lifestyle in the jungle. She made them strong and independent in her image, and left them to grow.   Seigna was never interested in taking a husband or wife, disregarding the notion and duties of a marriage. But Orloch was persistent in his pursuit of her despite her repeated denials. Though over time, she grew fond of his attention and gave him permission to hunt her affection as she hunted beasts in the wild for sport. They never formally married, but they did have one daughter, Camille.  
Appearance and Depictions
  Seigna bears the appearance of a dark-skinned Ehrlen with long, braided black hair decorated with beads and bone. She is muscular with a broad frame and is covered in Ehrlen tribal tattooing and thin leather armor. She wields the Lunar Ballista, a great bow made with ore that crashed down from the moon. Emblems depicting her worship will depict a lion roaring in front of a moon, often in emerald green and a light silver. Artworks depicting her will often be of her in the midst of a hunt, crouched and with her bow drawn.  
Powers and Followers
  Seigna had the shared power of divine creation that all of the Major Deities possessed. With this, she created the Ehrlen race and filled the earth with animals and Magickal Beasts. She also created the concept of sport and entertainment, though she mainly participated in hunting. She has the ability to silence an area around her, along with shapeshifting into different, more powerful forms of wild beasts. Her weapon, the Lunar Ballista, was forged with moon ore by Deign, and can create ethereal arrows out of thin air with amazing destructive power. Many theorize about other powers she possesses, but her secretive nature only leaves them guessing.   Followers of Seigna are mainly found in groups of hunters, trappers, and athletes. Her praise is widely held in Mahangagahere and spread throughout the civilized world where the Risen hunt to survive. She is very hands-off in her guidance except with a chosen select few who prove their worth to her. Many pray for her to watch over them as they hunt or perform, vying for strength and endurance to last through their endeavors.


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