Sand Skiff

"The vehicles we use are specialized, made solely for the agile movements of our partner serpents across these twisting dunes. Only the Nehebek can pull it and only a Shasreel can pilot; not that the Nehebek would let anyone else live at the reins. It certainly helps our service remain exclusive." - Yammut Geheb, Shasdjed
  The Sand Skiffs found in Nioyaathep are a marvel of engineering. It is a combination of durable wood, leather sails, and complex pullies all leading to a harness built for the Nehebek that creates a truly specialized machine. Utilized exclusively by the Shasreel and those given passage on their platforms, they are universally recognized by the Dahlen to be the smoothest and quickest method of transportation across The Sands of Sturn.   These are often found to be seven foot of length, though the sizes of each custom-made skiff can vary in regards to the size of the relative Nehebek. On the bottom of the skiffs are two float boards supporting a platform made of acacia wood. These run past the length of the platform with the ends flaring up to better support vertical movement through the dunes. Narrow at the driver platform and widening at the rear to support passengers and luggage, the platform itself is built in a fan pattern. The front side has raised walls to protect from harsh sand spray but curve backwards to increase airflow over the craft. There are often small holes on the rear end of the fan shape to tie down loose luggage.   Reaching eight feet above the platform are a pail of sails connected at the base and separating into a v-formation at the top. The sails themselves are made of Gurzwa skin obtained from a local rodent, pliable yet durable and perfect for catching the wind. The top of the thin beams each have a rope connected to the driver's platform so that they can be pulled down to increase control or relaxed to focus on speed instead.   The driver's platform is a complicated arrangement of ropes, pulleys, and handles. This system connects to the sails and to multiple points on the harness attached to the Nehebek. While complex and well above the skill of an average wagon driver, this gives the Shasreel piloting the skiff an excellent degree of control over such a wild machine and serpent. A Shasreel can adjust each handle to account for speed, control, wind resistance, and even rare moments of lift off the sands when descending one of the dunes.

A Shasdjed's Skiff

  The skiff used by the Shasdjed of a tribe is often a few feet larger than the others. Being the leader of a tribe of Shasreel comes with responsibilities that must be accounted for in their vehicle designs. The rear platform of their skiff is fairly larger to account for an assortment of drum instruments attached to the platform. The Shasdjed will perform rhythyms unique to each tribe in correspondence to different commands or warnings. This percussion allows for communication not only with the Shasreel in tow, but also to the Nehebek pulling their skiffs below the surface.


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