"They were more akin to beasts than Risen -- even for the Hidefolk. They were thick with muscle and fat and crawled around on all fours like animals. Although Jean tried talking with them, it was clear they had no use for our words, only our meat." - Augustine Farraj, Armed Escort for Jean Montagne
  The Quinetzin are a subspecies of Hidefolk found exclusively around the ruined settlement of Cipalimetzin in the swamps of Mahangangahere. Their standard cousins are known for being similar to lizards and crocodilians, but the Quinetzin are even more so. They typically move around on all fours save for rare occasions where they use weapons to hunt instead of their natural teeth and claws. When they do use weapons and armor, they are often crude and primitive, made from fur and bone. Originally ascending from Monitors and Crocodilians, they are comparable in size to the Ohrlen, averaging ten feet high and weighing upwards of a few hundred pounds. Their skin is often dark browns and greens with hints of blue to blend easily into the surrounding jungle.   Quinetzin do not display advanced intelligence or empathy like most Risen. That is not to say they are not intelligent at all as they possess keen hunting instincts and tactics. They simply do not display any willingness to show emotion or communicate with those outside of their tribe. Intruders onto their land may receive warning growls and bellows but are more than often attacked on sight. A savage species, what little has been examined of them has revealed no signs of mercy or prisoners in their targets. The large Hidefolk stalk, attack, and consume their prey immediately, sometimes not even waiting for their victims to die before beginning to eat them.   While there is no sign of civilization left amongst the ruins of Cipalimetzin, the Quinetzin do seem to have some sort of leadership system. The largest and strongest among them make the decisions, commanding when and where to hunt and how their tribe coordinates. Communication through spoken words is seemingly non-existent, calling out to each other through snarls and yells and slapping their bodies around. Feuds are constant and always violent. Squabbles over food often end with one or more Quinetzin dead after a hunt. Natural cannibals, the losers of these fights are often consumed alongside whatever prey the hunt was originally for.

Sons of Cipali

  The Quinetzin worship a mythological figure from their past civilization. Cipali, the One who Hungers, was a symbol of worship and praise who was regularly offered gifts of food and sacrifice by the people of Cipalimetzin. Naturally taking inspiration from this figure, their current lifestyle is entirely focused around hunting and consumption. They eat anything and everything, including their own people and other species of Risen. This trait has only increased their notoriety from the logs of Jean Montagne.


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