Ohrlen, Risen of Strength and Valor

  Orloch, the God of War, created his chosen Risen to match his image and interests. Once he was no longer able to fight with the other gods, he wished to see the Risen below him take up arm and watch from above. Though, he couldn't always stop himself from intervening. As he craved deeply for the sport of combat and conquest, he desired to have an army that matched his ambitions. He wanted them to become giants and paragons and urged the early generations, though due to Artur's ruling he couldn't force this role upon them. The Ohrlen were created as his intended soldiers, made in his hopes of being physically superior to the other Risen his fellow gods had created.    The Ohrlen are the largest and most physically gifted of all the Risen. They stand over eight feet tall and most bristle with natural muscle over large frames. Their ears are pointed, though not nearly the size of the Dahlen or Ehlen, much more akin to humans. Some of them are also born with overexaggerated canines akin to their creator that can protrude past their lips. They commonly decorate themselves with warpaint and tattooing, marking the skin with black inks to represent their age or accomplishments. Clothing is typically natural and based in leather, though certain tribes are known to wear metal suits of armor into battle.    With their homeland located in Tamaha, the Ohrlen have split into various tribes on the island that all specialize in a different manner of living. Many have left Tamaha to seek battle and conquest in other civilized regions, particularly Vasileio or Das Konigreich, while a number have tried to integrate into Ehrlen tribes as well. While not as necessarily troublesome throughout history as the Humans have been, the Ohrlen have been very active in wars and conflicts. Many of them still embrace the war-like ferocity of their creator, though many in their home country have adopted a more peaceful and spiritual way of living.   
  The personality of the Ohrlen can be described in the same two words that define their culture; strength and valor. Though, the interpretation of these may vary between different tribes. For the vast majority of their race, strength is what it comes across as - physical prowess an ability. Many Ohrlen take pride or form their lives around trying to reach the apex of physical strength. They will portray this in their behavior through brash confidence or the occasional show of arrogance. An Ohrlen will rarely back down from a challenge, and is usually out to prove themselves; while not necessarily to show off for others outside of tribal dynamics and courting, this is to prove themselves to Orloch to earn his favor. In current days, a large number of Ohrlen have chosen the path of spiritual strength. They promote a peaceful way of living completely off the land and without conflict with their neighbors. These individuals take a calm approach to all discourse, and believe that true strength comes from the warrior who knows when not to pick up his sword. Either way, being mischievous or relying on tricks is seen as a sign of weakness to the Ohrlen - at least to those outside of the Shaui tribe who embrace these aspects completely.   
  Tamaha bears five tribes that each embrace different kinds of lifestyles for the Ohrlen that make up their population. Different as they may be, they all focus on maintaining a natural lifestyle. There are virtually no signs of advanced technology in Tamaha, outside the armor forges in Tushka, and the residents pride themselves on that fact. All domiciles are hand built, all farms tilled by hand, all tools and clothing fashioned from local, natural sources. An Ohrlen with traditional beliefs and values will take stock in their own personal strength and ability to make their living from their own hands without relying on others. The more modern, spiritual way of living values the natural lifestyle as they believe it keeps them closer to nature as the way the gods intended.    Ohrlen culture is largely dependent on whether or not a large-scale conflict is taking place. In times of war, all production and farming goes towards the war effort and production is overhauled. Everyone from the children to the elderly is expected to do their part in contributing to the war parties before they head out and ensuring they have enough food to come back to. Outside of times of war, they take a minimalist approach to farming and producing. Ohrlen are proficient mount breeders and are known for the large horses that roam the plains near their capital. They strive to only produce what their individual tribes need to survive - anything outside this is seen as wasteful. True strength is never wasteful, and their lives should reflect this. In rare occasions, the tribes will export textiles or horses, but only in circumstances of overpopulation or abundance. The only export Tamaha is widely known for is their tobacco, alongside the narcotics provided by the Luksi.    They are typically very welcoming of outsiders, so long as said outsiders adapt to their lifestyle and work their fair share amongst the tribe's labors. All visitors are expected to be open-minded and respectful - those who would try to change the ways of the tribes are cast back out again and rejected. Occasionally, if the current tribal chieftain is a traditionalist, outsiders can be challenged to a contest of strength to gain entry to the tribe.


Author's Notes

In-Game Mechanics   Risen of the Bluff

  • Ohrlen gain advantage on ability checks related to mounts
  • Ohrlen gain advantage on ability checks related to stamina
  • Ohrlen can add twice their Might score when calculating carrying capacity
Bred for Battle
  • Ohrlen start with two points in Might and Endurance
  • Ohrlen may add their endurance when equipped with natural or no armor
Great Stature
  • Ohrlen possess large frames, which can inhibit movement in small areas
  • Ohrlen can wield two handed weapons in one hand, however can not fight with a second weapon while doing so, i.e. Two-Weapon Fighting

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