The Unholy Land

Upon their Creation, the Risen were fiercely devout creatures, always zealous to prove their faith and loyalty to the gods. Amongst the second and third generations of Risen grew defiant and eager to prove their own worth outside of the watchful eyes and burdens of the gods. They were a minority amongst their people, and found themselves at odds with leaders and neighbors. Heresy was a new concept to the Risen and it was not treated kindly in it's early days. However, Artur was in favor of this self reliance, as he wished for all Risen to possess free will. He saw no direct harm caused by refusal of the gifts from his fellow gods and supported their decision. Artur offered to connect the Risen, which the Founding Fathers took as their final allowance from the gods. They sent out a message to all who wished to live separately to meet them in the North for their pilgrimage to uncivilized lands.   The three Founding Fathers led an expedition to an arctic continent in the northern most point of the world. Their flock was small, but they were determined to make their own home. The land was inhospitable; the weather was harsh, the ground infertile, and the native Magickal Beasts were beyond ferocious. Many of the founding members died from their surroundings before the rest of the population turned to cannibalism in efforts to survive. It wasn't until Father Radomir returned from a venture into the mountains bearing the secrets to terraforming the land that they began to hold any semblance of a hopeful civilization.  

Nechestivan Culture

  Once they converted the land into being habitable, the Nechestivans flourished, and founded many great cities within the frozen land. True to their original beliefs, the practice of religion was firmly outlawed in Nechestivy, and no temples or altars were erected for worship like the rest of the world. While the majority of their population was Human, there were a large number of Ohrlen and Hidefolk in the original group as well. Dahlen and Dwehrlen are nearly nowhere to be found amongst the population due to their innate religious nature.   The people of Nechestivy live a hardy life centered around work and supporting their people. Every member of society is expected to pitch in to contribute to the greater good of the nation and their respective cities. This leaves very little room in their lives for entertainment and relaxation which causes a bleak outlook on Nechestivan life. However, to counter this are the seasonal dances to which all able-bodied citizens are expected to attend. Just as the common workers are expected to perform their task until their deaths, the performers dedicate their lives to the craft as well. The dances are few and far between, but they are said to be an incredible sight to see.   Although the Nechestivans have denied and outlawed formal 'religion', their remains a distinct clergy amongst the upper class. They practice worship of themselves and their leaders as Risen. This was initially meant to be as both a strike against the gods and a channel to help their founding members adjust to a godless life through a similar practice found in their previous civilizations. Now, this is believed to grant extreme power to the Tsar as they receive the same divine praise that a god naturally would. There are rumors, however, that this clergy is offering prayers to a much more nefarious being.   Outside the mainbody continent lie a number of islands fanning out from the coast. The waters surrounding these islands are notoriously patrolled by numerous pirates and raiders, most of which have become privateers encouraged and backed by the government to keep most foreigners at bay. So long as they do not target native merchant or military vessels they are usually given free reign over the waters. Those who trespass on these rights are often acted upon swiftly, and either destroyed or pushed off by the local government.  
Nechestivan Taint 
  As a result of the actions of the Founding Fathers to try and settle this land, the following generations were infected with what became known as the Nechestivan Taint. Their blood and bodies were permanently altered and disfigured with no cure in sight. Although it does not display physical manifestations in all Nechestivans, it is extremely prevalent in the homeland. Those who show signs are judged by the clergy as soon as they begin to show them. Those who show promise with their capabilities are drafted into the priesthood or the military, while the rest of the functioning and able bodied members are put into the workforce in an area suitable to their unique abilities. Some of the Tainted are so affected by it that they will not be able to live without full care and support - these individuals are often abandoned after birth.  


  The vast majority of Nechestivy remains in an arctic enviroment and ecosystem. The ground is often covered in thick snows, or even frozen still outside of the snow. The mountain ranges have been proven impossible to cross thus far by all attempts due to both the weather and Magickal Beasts within. A good portion of the land where cities have been developed have been developed quite extensively itself. Terraforming at the hands of Magi and combined with the secrets of the Founding Fathers has allowed the Nechestivans to create plots of fertile soil and areas outside the freezing embrace of the local climate. Trees are few and far between outside some localized farms - most lie among the mountains and are beyond logical access; shrubbery makes up the majority of the present vegetation. The islands surrounding the coast vary wildly in size and the land is much more akin to a tundra than the mainland country. There exists a larger variety of vegetation and wild game for which the mainland Nechestivans make extensive use of. Smotret, a mostly militaristic city, lies on one of these outstretched islands and watches over them for the resources that they provide.
"The Unholy Land"; Founded by members of the sentient races that despised their creator gods, the denizens here have reached out to darker powers beyond the world and many find their bloodline corrupted for it.
Ruling Hierarchy
Red Clergy
The Founding Fathers and the Three-Headed Bear
  Nechestivy has three Founding Fathers that it gives the most credit for the creation. Fathers Nikolas, Radomir, and Yuri were three humans that became the de facto leaders in the early days; statues of the three men can be found in the public square of Korona where the populace still pays them reverence.¬†Nechestivy's emblem to display country and allegiance is three bear heads together, one head for each of the Founding Fathers. The middle head is central and cheerful to represent Father Yuri for being the heart of the expedition, the right is roaring in anger for Father Radomir's fighting spirit that defended their people, and the left is solemn with a scarred eye to represent Father Nikolas sacrifice for his people. All depictions of their symbol are typically done extravagantly, large and colorful to show Nechestivan pride in their first leaders.
Alternative Name(s)
The Unholy Land ; The Godless Land
Long Nights and Dark Threats
  During the wintertime especially, Nechestivy loses most of it's access to the daylight. The nights become long and at it's peak their people can go for several days without seeing the sunlight. During these periods, the few sustainable crops grow even more challenging to keep alive, and the people rely heavily on fire and the arcane for lighting.¬†   Vampires are an extremely rare menace around Nora, and are often mentioned in whispers or in stories to scare children. However, in Nechestivy, they have a very real presence and threat. Their menace grips many of the civilians in fear of these long nights for the fact that those lurking in the shadows are not inhibited by the usual sunlight. It is rumored that the city stronghold of Nochi to the Northeast is completely populated by Vampires, and while the Nechestivan government is aware, there is believed to be little they can do about it.


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