Miroslav Chekoy

"The world fears us, and for good reason. We do not answer to the gods that they do and are not bound by their mundane rules. We are greater than Risen; we are Nechestivan. Soon we shall rise above the world tall and strong as the Three-Headed Bear. Glory to Nechestivy, and glory to our Red Clergy!" Miroslav Chekoy, Arch Bishop of The Red Clergy
  The Red Clergy has become a greater controversy in recent years throughout Nechestivy. Whereas it was once an unofficial gathering of leaders, it is now a bed of rituals and politicians. They have grown more zealous in their efforts of controlling the nation, operating much like the churches they criticize throughout the rest of the world. Collecting tithes, interfering with local governments, and holding sermons to preach their values. Many credit these developments to the work of Miroslav Chekoy, the current Arch Bishop.   Miroslav's past before joining the Red Clergy, along with much about the man, is an enigma. What he explains during his sermons is that he was but a poor Tainted orphan on the streets of Korona before being picked up by the prior Arch Bishop. However, despite an extensive census in Nechestivy, there is no record of his previous life. He speaks about his life on the streets and the people he met seemed to build rapport amongst the impoverished though many hold their doubts that he lived such a life at all. Citizens only truly question him outside of official duties and do so with trepidation under the risk of imprisonment.   Those who listen to his speeches claim his words are 'slick with honey and vodka'. He speaks in a smooth, alluring voice that calms and disarms those around him. This is perhaps his greatest strength that allows him to manipulate and persuade his fellows into believing nearly everything that comes out of his mouth. It is not clear whether this is some Bardic Arcane Magicks he learned within the Red Clergy, or if this is part of his Taint. Either way, few can get close to Miroslav with any antagonistic intentions without falling prey to his words. This has not stopped his opposition as Miroslav has had more assassination attempts than any previous Arch Bishop or Czar before him. To deal with these, he carries a wicked metal staff with a living tentacle coiled around it. He has gotten violent in self-defense on numerous occasions during his sermons and has shown to be brutal and unrelenting towards his opponents, despite how soft his words and demeanor can be.   The biggest concern for Nechestivan citizens regarding Miroslav lately has been his announced intentions on becoming the next Czar. He speaks greatly about the concerns he has for the fading health of the Czar and wishes for their Muddleminded leader to get 'rest and relief from the stress of his role'. If the current Arch Bishop would become the next Czar, this would be the first time that the positions would be held by the same individual, leading to a complete combination of the Red Clergy and the national government. Despite glowing praise and reviews after his speeches, many of the citizens have spoken their displeasure at the thought of him becoming Czar. To combine the two would be the opposite of how they preach their departure from the rest of the world. Miroslav outright denies this, saying it couldn't be further from the truth of how things would be.

Monstrous Appearance

  Miroslav's body is severely twisted with the Nechestivan Taint inside of him. Though he claims he is Human, his size is much closer to an Ohrlen. He stands at just over six feet with a hunched back and would be just over nine if he could stand straight. Two black ox horns hang from his temples to below his chin and the clipping sounds of cloven feet follow him where he walks. He wears thick brown robes that cover the rest of his bulging body, hiding what must be a disgusting amalgamation of Tainted features. His skin is pale and hangs loosely on his face giving him the appearance of a soft, elderly man behind everything else. This only serves to help him in being seen as a gentler being behind all the Tainted parts of his body.


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