"Any warrior worth their salt will build a relationship with a Magismith, and you won't find a collection of Magismiths so vast or skilled as you will here in Deign's Anvil. We are the best of the best of the best, and we take pride in what we do. Needless to say, you are going to have quite a bit of coinage on you for our services." - Endrick Goldhammer, Magismith of Tor Karrick
  Magick Stones, the precious material found deep in the chests of Magickal Beasts, revolutionized the crafting industry upon the discovery of their abilities. Magickal apparatus and armaments showed promise to reduce or entirely remove the gap between gifted individuals and mundane citizens. A soldier or guard equipped with the right gear could go toe to toe with a practiced Magi. This power led to a massive demand for Magick Stones and gear powered by them. The creation of such pieces is impossible without a trained Magismith.   Magismiths are highly trained and specialized craftsman with the ability to infuse items with Magick Stones. Not everyone can become one as it requires a unique talent in identifying the primal Magickal flow of objects and individuals. Every item and Magick Stone has channels of energy that must be identified and understood to properly combine them. Each stone also has attributes associated with it, often derived from the source it belonged to, that greatly affect what traits it can give to a new piece. Applying Magick Stones even slightly incorrectly could result in great failures. Most commonly, the object does not receive the intended trait or is rendered null and powerless. In the worst cases, the item could repel power or explode upon use, often killing the user.   Mastery over the fickle stones requires a skilled touch, but many have proven their worth. Dwehrlen in particular have a knack for it as a special gift from their creator god Deign, though they can be found among all races. The most famous is the Magismiths of Tor Karrick that live and work in Deign's Anvil found at the head of the great underground city. They are known for creating the greatest sets of weapons and armor found throughout all of Nora. Second to them would be the Ehlen Magismiths of Amaranthine who create intricate silver fineries and tools utilized by Arcane practitioners. Both are held in high regard for their skills, but that isn't to undermine the efforts of Magismiths throughout the rest of the world. Every one of their number has earned respect from the difficult nature of their profession.


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