Jean Montagne

"Why do I do what I do? I just want to know what's out there. Walk where no Risen has walked, see what no one has seen, reach the unreachable. And then I want to share it so that others can be blessed by the majesty that is the world we live in." - Jean Montagne, Explorer
Jean Montagne is a world-renowned explorer most notably credited for his coverage of the Frozen Wastes. Born the eldest son of the Duke of Montagne, he was originally the next in line for the position before handing that privilege over to his much more willing younger brother Auguste. He never had any interest in politics and refers to himself as being 'too good of a person' to be a duke. Exploring the unknown was always his passion. As a child, he would frequently escape from his father's manor and run off into the forests at the base of the mountain. Jean would bring home with him maps and sketches of everywhere he had been and everything he had seen. It was in his years as a young adult that his father finally relented to his calling and hired personal tutors for art, cartography, and biology. Well-educated and inspired, he began his career with all the privileges his father could afford him.   In the beginning, he was requested by the office of the Marquis to map out some of the unexplored areas of the southern section of the Worldspine and the forests nearby. It was far from the wild ventures he dreamed of as a child, but he knew it was necessary in order to build rapport with the leader of La Patria. Having delivered quite a substantial amount of information, they sponsored him for a renewed trip into the Frozen Wastes.   The Frozen Wastes were believed to be inhabitable and many claimed it would be impossible to explore. Jean spent many years searching for what little information there was on the country to prepare himself and his team for the task. Perhaps one of the most expensive yet vital pieces was using the sponsored funds and contacts to locate a pyromancer and a couple of Wardens willing to travel with them. With the crew assembled and resources gathered, he led an expedition into the frozen continent to the south.   Jean's venture into the Frozen Wastes was nothing less than a massive success. Although he credited their success and survival to the pyromancer and the Wardens, it was his mapmaking and studies that made the trip worth something. He returned with multiple maps covering from the coast to the mountain ranges, accurate drawings of the local fauna, and journals detailing every step of the journey. His records remain to this day the most well-documented source of information for the Frozen Wastes and its inhabitants.

With Age, Grace

  Although rumors of his retirement have circled La Patrian hubs in recent years, Jean Montagne has remained active in the older years of his life. He has explored and mapped a small portion of the Witchwood before declaring it to be too gloomy for his liking, and is now said to be mapping the jungles of Mahangangahere. The Ehrlen have never cared to share the secrets of their jungle, and so Jean has took it upon himself to find them. Jean still employs the use of guards an the services of the Wardens as he finds himself averse to violence in any form. For any individual that faces him with grievances or ill will, they will often be met with soft words and an offer of tea.


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