Humans, Risen of Plenty

  Humans were the first Risen race on Nora, created in the image of Artur, the first god. Unlike many of the Risen to follow who were created with a specific purpose or mindset, humans were made to spread across the world and become the prime example to follow for creation. They have adapted over the years to become a race adapted to nearly every climate and lifestyle. Wherever one was to look in the world, they would likely find humankind inhabiting it. Artur applauded their diversity despite it being of his design.   Humans throughout history have often been the center of conflict throughout Nora. Being the most numerous of all the races this was expected, though many blame their greed or arrogance for their involvement. Being the first Risen, a number of them took great pride in their position. The first few generations used this pride to spread the wishes of the gods and aspire to be a model for the next Risen to look up to. As they grew, however, so did their greed, wanting more respect, more land, and more control. Artur condemned this behavior, but ultimately resigned to their will as long as they followed the established laws.   In the current age, Humans remain as the most populated race on Nora. They remain spread out, the predominant race of most countries of the world, and found amongst them all. Vasileio, La Patria, Das Konigreich, and Tenotomy all are majority populated by humans. Humanity holds weight in almost all areas of leadership and world affairs. Heavy with the pride of being the first Risen, they make sure the rest of the world knows it.  
  The race of humans could be used as a prime example for variety. Humans can not be pinpointed when it comes to their personalities as each one is unique from the next. Though they can be of almost any and every temperament, two things can be found in almost every Human - pride and curiosity. Humans have a twisted sight on pride, which often leads them to greed and vanity. They often covet what they don't have, and many have turned to nefarious or underhanded methods to acquire it. Curiosity has also marked itself upon their psyche, partly being responsible for leading humans around the world in their search for the unseen and adventure.  
  The culture of Humans, much like their personalities, is wildly varied and will depend greatly upon the location in which you find them. As a whole, they tend to be patriarchal in their lineage and have a good sense of family and home. They have a strong sense of family history and tend to care greatly for the legacy that they may leave for their children. While some will focus on bettering themselves to the detriment of others, many Humans tend to bear a strong sense of community, and will work together to each other's benefit.


Author's Notes

In-Game Mechanics   Homeland Advantages

  • Humans know three languages upon creation; Common, native language of their home, and one more to symbolize their birthplace and adaptability to working with others
  • Humans bond over native ancestry; should they find another human in a foreign land, they can add twice their character roll on requesting aid. Should the NPC be from the same homeland, they can roll with advantage
Human Variety and Luck
  • Humans begin with one point in every attribute as they are well-rounded in all fields
  • Once per long rest, a Human can reroll a single saving throw
  • Once per long rest, a Human can reroll a single ability check

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