Ehrlen, Risen of Adaptability and Fortitude

  The Ehrlen were the Risen race created on Nora by the goddess Seigna. Seigna did not wish to create and look over a race initially, but she knew it was in her purpose and finally relented after pressure from her fellow deities. When she created the Ehrlen she gave them a name close to the other but lacking her mark as to distinguish them from herself even further. She did, however, create them in her image and set them to live a primal, natural lifestyle in the jungles of Mahangagahere. She taught them her ways of hunting and sport, and they idolized these new facets of life, centering their civilization around a natural lifestyle full of competition.   Ehrlen are roughly the same height as humans, though they tend to be broader in the shoulders and hips. An elderly member may reach ages well above one hundred, though due to the nature of their lifestyle will seldom reach elderly status. The majority of Ehrlen are dark-skinned and are covered in tattoos which will vary depending on their home tribe. They bear prehensile feet as designed by Seigna to further adapt to life in the jungle. Their clothing and armor is often comprised of the natural elements surrounding them; hide, leather, large leaves and textiles. When not shaved for skull tattoos, they are often have dark hair that they adorn with jewelry comprised of various bones, stones, and beads.   Throughout history, the Ehrlen have maintained a non-trespasser policy, and have the second strictest borders behind Nechestivy. While a few tribes are welcoming to outsiders should they adhere to their policies, most persecute them with a heavy hand. A few tribes have made war party expeditions outside of Mahangagahere, but no permanent settlement has been established.   Currently, the Ehrlen continue their natural, secluded lifestyle among their tribes. A handful of tribes have allowed their war parties to be drafted as mercenaries for external conflicts. Some have spread outside of Mahangagahere as they search for greater hunts and conflicts, or to spread their love of sports to the outside world.  
  The Ehrlen are a race where sport and competition are ingrained into their very being. They are highly competitive and very passionate about their interests. Their feelings themselves are a competition, in which they will fight to assert who loves what the most or who hates the other more. Their sport and contests determine a hierarchy and pecking order, to which one will show great respect and deference to the victors, and work together with the losers. Their attitudes towards each other is almost completely dependent on personal strength and ability. When competing with one another their is no room for compassion or weakness, but after the dust is settled there are few on Nora who show more kindness to others.
  When Seigna created the Ehrlen, she ensured that their culture would revolve around a natural lifestyle. They live simply in nature and adapt to the harsh environment rather than developing the land to adapt to them. Their homes and tools are all natural and blend into the jungle, sometimes being formed out of still living trees and bushes. They do not farm and solely choose a hunter-gatherer lifestyle. Failing to succeed in a hunt or a harvesting trip is a sign of weakness, and weakness has no place in the tribe.   The strength of the tribe is valued above all else, yet is determined by the strength of the individuals who comprise it. Loyalty to one's tribe ascends loyalty to even one's family - one would forsake their children or their parents before they would forsake the tribe. The leader of the tribe is asserted through dominance and competition. The most powerful member of the tribe becomes chieftain, and those closest will make up a shamanic council.   Strength and power isn't simply determined by martial prowess. The Ehrlen are gifted in the Magick of primal empathy, and have developed a deep connection with the flora and fauna around them. Many of them have grown as beast masters or skin-walkers, others have gained mastery over the land around them, twisting the trees and roots to their wills. As Seigna intended, nature is both their life and their true power.


Author's Notes

In-Game Mechanics   Ehrlen Adaptability

  • Ehrlen gain advantage on ability checks related to movement and balance
  • Ehrlen gain advantage on ability checks related to resisting poison and disease
One With the Jungle
  • Ehrlen gain a climbing speed equal to their current movement speed
  • Ehrlen gain advantage on ability checks related to tracking and survival
  • Ehrlen begin with two points each in Agility and Endurance and treat Spears and Axes as Agile weapons

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