Creation of Nora

In the beginning, there was nothing. Then Void awoke.

  Reality came to be as a cosmic awakening. All space was without volume, no light, no sound, nothing. It was said at this time that Void 'awoke', or appeared was more accurate. Though they lacked any form, Void now comprised existence itself. As they yawned, all forms of matter poured forth, spewing substance into space and giving form to creation. The first creation to form was Stirna. Unable to see through the blackness of space, Stirna created the first star, Solar, to shed light upon all. Upon seeing himself, his form took that of a great wyrm, comprised of countless stars and constellations that he spread everywhere he flew, adding color and patterns to match his own beauty across the vast space he occupied.  

Stirna found that he was not alone.

  After creating many swirling patterns of color throughout space, Stirna found another being lit up by the stars he left in his wake. He flew circles around her as he urged her to join him in the stars and admire his work. Unlike him, she was bipedal and made of flesh, and couldn't join him on his flight. Stirna found himself enthralled with her attention, and wished to create her a stage from which she could watch him create. He gathered more material left by Void and created a rock for her, a perfect sphere to orbit his star so she had the perfect stage to see his works. He named it Nora, and as she settled on the planet she would sing to him as he took flight and pulled the constellations for her attention. Stirna reveled in her attention, but found that her songs carried more of a sad tune as time went by.  

Nora pleaded with Stirna for her loneliness.

  Nora sat on the world that Stirna had created for her, but felt alone in this. Even though she had him watching over and pulling his stars for her, she wished for comfort and companionship . Stirna had his stars. Nora lacked a purpose. With this, she plead to Stirna about leaving to create new life and see the world flourish, but he was thoroughly against it. Nora was firm in her resolve despite their conversations on the subject. Eventually, she argued that giving life to the world would both be a purpose for hers, as well as bringing an even deeper purpose and appreciation for Stirna's works. The great star wyrm relented eventually.  

Nora gave her life to the world Stirna made for her.

  Filled with determination, Nora began crafting as she laid down and breathed life into the world. The earth quaked and moved under her form, giving rise to mountains and burrowing into valleys. Her flesh became soil and her bones fertilized the world. Her heart left her body, and became the moon that spun around the world, dancing just that much closer to Stirna. He wept for his lost companion, and these tears filled the oceans and rivers below. He named the world Nora and deemed it his finest creation, in tandem with her.  

From the blood of a Primordial, rose the first beings of her creation.

  Nora's blood spewed across the world, filling it with astounding power. Two realms sprang forth, both on the same world, but not occupying the same space. First was the world of the Gods. Stirna called down to the world once during this founding period, naming the first man and woman to crawl from her blood Artur and Elanaah, and told them of how they were created and their purpose. They then set forth to roam the land and fill it with creations of their own. Upon their travels they found another dimension on top of theirs, the Realm of the Fae. This realm laid beside theirs as a curious mirror of their own land. The Fae Queen met with them and agreed to live side by side and in peace, ruling their own kingdoms with little fear of overlapping. Artur and Elanaah filled their realm with other gods, and with their help created yet more life and gave birth to the Risen races.

The Moon: Nora's Heart

People throughout Nora have disagreements on how Nora's heart became the world initially. There is a cave painting underneath Bakison in Nioyaathep that depicts Nora giving her heart freely to keep her heart closer to the stars and with Stirna.  Another painting beneath Ignosi in Vasileio depicts Stirna stealing her heart from the earth, as he was a vain and jealous being. The associated people surrounding those regions tend to believe the closest one, as neither story has been confirmed by even the gods, as only Stirna himself knows the truth.


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