Cipalimetzin Energy Stones

"One of the other more fascinating bits of engineering found within the city of Cipalimetzin was the piping we found leading to old ovens and lighting structures. Montagne has its street lights, but ours are just torches that the guards keep lit at night. This was something more, something... Extraordinary." - Jean Montagne, Explorer
  During their exploration of the ruins of Cipalimetzin, Jean Montagne and his crew found several remnants of engineering works throughout the city. Irrigation was found in all farms and homes and a rudimentary plumbing system was found as well. Most notable of all of these remnants, however, was the conduit piping they found between the temple and houses. These pipes often led to stone ovens within the home and lighting structures on what used to be the streets. The purpose of these was at first a mystery until the explorers discovered another relief depicting where the pipes met inside of the temple.   In the belly of the temple was a complex mechanism built around a large crystal. The crystal was in a metal housing connected to a series of gears and a lever to spin the housing in place. When spun, the crystal would emit some sort of energy that would be channeled through a series of conduit piping and spread throughout the city connecting to smaller crystals at the end. These Energy Stones referred to by their original name were unidentifiable in the ruins, and would continue to release both heat and light to their surroundings. The ruined lighting structures would originally light up the streets at night, providing a sense of safety and security that was seldom found in the jungle. Stone ovens in the house were believed to rely upon the heat from these crystals instead of a wood fire to cook food.   The Energy Stones found within Cipalimetzin provided a seemingly infinite source of light and heat throughout the city during its glory days. Unseen throughout the rest of the world save for the lightning experiments of Das Konigreich, this had the possibility of revolutionizing the known world should they be able to gain control of the mysterious resource. The problem remained that these Energy Stones were not found throughout any of the known mines that Jean Montagne was able to identify. This led to the belief that they must only be local to the area around Cipalimetzin, which was unavailable for further exploration from the Quinetzin. Information about these stones has been held close by Jean Montagne to not invite the attention of greedy men. He was sure that several leaders throughout the world would march on the ruins and bring genocide upon the Quinetzin just to have a chance at this energy source, which is antithetical to Jean's beliefs. However, rumors of the Energy Stones have begun to spread, possibly from members of his own crew.


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