Artur's Tablet

"I declared that the Risen shall have free will, and nothing has changed from that. These are suggestions, not commandments. I am providing what I believe to be the keys to a great society. It is up to them to decide what they do with it." Artur, Creating the Tablet
  Artur's Tablet is a large stone plinth inscribed with a set of instructions meant to guide humanity into creating a lawful and prosperous society. On it remains the only known handwriting from the God of Justice himself. The stone itself is made of marble and stands ten feet high and roughly six feet wide, planted firmly on the ground where Old Sicerrone was founded. Artur gave it to the first Humans he created as he felt it was his duty to guide them as their creator. Humans built their first city here as the spot was most sacred in their eyes.   Much to their dismay, Old Sicerrone was destroyed during the War of Magi Ascension, including the Arturian Temple where the Tablet was once housed. Many believed that the tablet was lost alongside the many other relics within the temple, but there were enough citizens in the new Sicerrone petitioning the Marquis to warrant an excavation attempt. Archaeological teams have been dispatched to the ruins of Old Sicerrone to work through the rubble and reclaim the destroyed temple, hopefully rediscovering the Tablet in the process. The actual contents of the tablet are not important on their own, as many find them to be rudimentary instructions on how to be a good person, it is entirely the religious significance it bears amongst humanity.

Known Inscriptions

A good society is one free of murder and adultery. A neighbor is a brother, and should be treated as such. Coveting another or harboring a grudge serves no purpose but to perpetuate anger and failure. Bettering others is akin to bettering oneself. A good leader follows the same practices they preach. Merit is worth far more than money.


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