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The Log of (Criminals)

"Yeah, I know about the log. I love how parents plead with their children and tell them stories and demonize those who litter it's pages so as to steer them away from that unworthy life. I love it because, sometimes, having your name in the log is the greatest compliment a commoner from the slums can be paid. At least my name and deeds will endure, no matter how great and terrible." -Shen Alizer


The Log of (Criminals) is meant to hold the names and all information gathered or pertaining to those who are seen as high criminals in the eyes of the Abyssal Throne. The individuals whose names populate the pages of this ever growing text are considered to be the worst of the worst, the greatest offenders to the throen and are ranked numerically by the level of how much the Empire wants them dealt with.

Document Structure


The Log of Criminals is divided in to pages of bound text relating to and surrounding a vast number of individuals. It serves as a record of investigation, as well as a catalog of offenses to the Empire. Often, each section dedicated to one individual will contain birth records, civic records, as well as criminal records. This will be mixed in with notes and documents from inquisitors or law enforcement, sightings, rumors, and so forth centered around each individual.


Having one's name put into the Log of Criminals is a permanent sentence, condemning them to being seen as a criminal for the rest of their lives and beyond. Death does not remove one from the log, in fact, the section dedicated to that diseased person is merely book ended with their terminus for record. In this way, their sentences that they may have escaped with their demise remain active to follow them into the afterlife, and condemn their memory to ever be stained by their being within the log. Nothing short of a pardon from the High King himself can rend a persons name from the log and all record of their misdoings therein. This is a privilege that has been awarded to no one in recorded history.

Publication Status

Though the master tome itself is not widespread, the information held within it is. Quest and job boards the world over are littered with lengthy documents and leaflets, articulating and portraying those criminals yet at large in the world with frequent updates and constant upkeep. The most regularly update section of the posted letters are the rewards posted for the criminal's demise and proof therein.

Legal status

The Log was first put into effect by the Grand Inquisitor of the Abyssal throne, Torren Mark, and was ratified by the Abyssal Emperor, Pontiff of the Obsidian Church himself. Therefore, the log carries weight and jurisdiction over the whole of Mother Nora as the rule of the throne does.

Historical Details


When Alexander Leonarhd II first took the Abyssal throne, his now unified world was still reeling from the war that he had prosecuted and now ended in his favor. In this way, many brigands and deserters of the war found homes in the disorderly areas of the world. As a means to quell the fires that these folk would stir up, the Abyssal throne established the branch of the military commonly refereed to as the Inquisition. Branches were established quickly and loyal members of the Abyssal military were raised to the rank of Inquisitor, however, there was very little well defined organization and communication between the branches in those earliest days. As a means to raise awareness and thwart a felon in the eyes of the throne from escaping capture simply due to a lack of information, the Grand Inquisitor established the Log and elected a small, but pivitol branch of the Inquisition to it's management and upkeep.

Public Reaction

As decreed by the High King and his court, the Log serves as a way for the far spread branches of the Inquisition and the public to remain informed about the greatest and most dangerous criminals in the world at all times. It has become the public's understanding that the names of those within the Log are not to be trusted by any means and that sympathizing and/or harboring them is a crime punishable by death. The citizen of Nora live in fear of those within the Log, whether their crimes be exaggerated, or glossed over.


The legacy survived by the Log is one of fear and mistrust, sewing the seeds of discord throughout the population of Nora for any and all whose name graces the Log. Those within the Log who have died live on in infamy, to scare children into acting in favor of their parent's wishes, or to spurr them on into lives of equal or greater ambitions.
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