New players to the Society Campaign

Welcome to the World of Nor Society Campaign. This campaign is a semi=open campaign which revolves around an adventuring group that are members of The Society for the Preservation of Ancient Artifacts and Hidden Treasures..
I call it Semi-open because the adventures will be based on what the characters want to do. There may be some overarching background plots, but for the most part, what the players do and where they go is completely open. I say Semi-Open because the character in this campaign are not "adventurers for hire". While there will be plenty of opportunities for them to take job and do what other parties do, each member of the group should have a greater purpose than just getting rich or famous.
The Society is a collection of people who are interested in specific topics of study and tend to focus on finding lore and items relating to that area of focus. Whether it is an ancient city, a mysterious race, an historical figure, or even organization, each character should have something that they are interested in learning more about instead of just lining their pockets.
This allows me to add content that will further each of the members goals, and also build on the lore of the Society.

Your Character:


You should begin with your character concept. What kind of character do you want to play? While Class and Race may be a part of your concept, you should be thinking more about what kind of person he is. Is he a scholar looking for lost secrets, is he a regular person who was forced to find out more about a ancient race sure to a family curse, is he a pilgrim sent out on a holy quest to find out information about an ancient cult that is resurfacing? This idea should incorporate who your character is, and why he is a part of the society and why he is interested in a specific area of focus.


Before you get to class and race selection, what is your background? Do you want to be hunted, then maybe you want to play a non-standard race. Do you want to be well respected, maybe you want to play a human. Did you grow up in the wild, maybe you want to play a ranger. Let your background help you make your mechanical choices.


As always, with my games, I prefer standard races. In order to keep the "unusual" races unusual they need to be rare and if every adventuring party was made up of tiefling, assimars, half-drow, etc then why isn't the world just filed with those races? Nor is pretty standard fantasy. Elves, Dwarves, halflings, some mixed races, and mostly Humans. Keep that in mind when choosing your race.
Also, if you are going to play a character that is not a Human, than I expect you to not act like a human. Elves, Dwarves, etc have different experiences than humans. I expect that you will take that into account when playing a non-human race. You should not be playing a human in another race's skin.
  You can find more information on the common races of nor at Races


When choosing a class for your character, keep in mind the campaign setting. Your characters all have an interest in recovering lore and items related to your area of focus. You should be playing a class that fits into that. Also be sure to think about your concept and background. You class should build from that, instead of building a concept around a class.
Not all classes are available in my game. Some don't fit well with the theme of the world, other i just don't see a need for. Please check the House Rules section to see which classes are not allowed.


I do not normally allow Evil aligned characters. It is not worth the trouble. If you have a concept for one, let me know if you can get an exception, but most likely I am not going to allow it. There has to be a very compelling story that goes with it and Zero change of it causing issues in the party.  

The Tools


I use Worldanvil to keep track of all the lore in the game. You will be expected to create a character on there (It's free). with your background, etc. There are great tools in that site to keep track of notes, and things your character has done. You can even enter a synopsis of each session from your characters point of view.
At a minimum I expect you to use this space to fill out your character's questionnaire.


The virtual tabletop we use is foundry. This will be used to enter your character's record sheet and keep track of things like inventory, spells, etc. It is your responsibility to keep your sheet updated. If you need help in filling it out, or if you want to create macros for common tasks let me know, I will be happy to help out.


Discord is used for voice chat and for things like discussing the game, Meta stuff (game times, etc) and general non-game related chat.
There are some channel that are for in game discussion happening in between sessions. I may move this to World Anvil Forums though.  


This campaign has a lot of potential. Not only to be fun to play as it is a lot more open than Dragon's Dominon, but it has a lot of potential to add to the lore of Nor itself. In some cases you are of focus may be already established, but you can also choose something that is not currently in the world to study. At that point your ideas on the area become word Lore. Whether you are writing articles to add to World Anvil, or just introducing concepts that will become part of the lore, you have a real chance to impact the world. That impact will be directly proportional to your involvement though. If you just follow what is already laid out, then you aren't going to contribute much. If you bring your ideas to the table though, than you can help leave an impression for future adventures.  


I will send out a questionaire for each character. This has a bunch of questions to help fill out your character. You can either fill it out than use it to write your backstory, or you can use your backstory to fill out the questionaire. It is a tool to help you flush out your PC and for me to add some elmenets that I can personalize for your PC.
If you are a new player who has not played in one of my games, please check out New player Info. This talks a bit about my style and what is expected from my players.
The World of Nor


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