Fallen Sea

The Fallen Sea is a large body of water in the upper level of Hades. Like the Grey Wastes, the sea is a place for shouls to go, while they await the judgement of Grazon. Beings that die on the water, or have strong ties to the sea are sent here on one of the numerous islands that inhabit the region, or one of the many spirit ships that have fallen to storms or violence. Here they await Grazon to pass them on to the realm of their chosen God, or if they do not have a god, for him to judge them and find a place in the afterlife for them.   The Fallen Sea is the Domain of several Powerful beings in the mutil-verse. Some of these beings have imparted their will upon certain parts of the Sea and control every aspect of the sea that is under their control. Minor water Gods, powerful Dragons and elemental beings have all been found in the Fallen Sea.
  Another Hazard of the sea is the nature of those souls that find themselves here permenantly. Pirates, raiders, and other sea faring people, who prey upon others are naturally drawn to the sea, and find a place amongst the souls that dwell here once they pass on in life. Because of this, it is not uncommon to see Pirate ships or other war-loving sea dwellers praying on those who may have just arrived to the plane. These veterans of the plane know the value of Souls and will often capture newcomers and sell their souls for goods or pleasures.


This large body of water is dotted with small islands here and there. Some of them are small lonely isles, while other are larger archipelagos with groups of islands. The Morphic nature of the Plane means that the islands are not always in the same place. The size of the sea is also unstable, as it grows and shrinks depending on the nature of the lord that rules part of the it. Some of the Islands are home to dwellers of the Fallen sea, and may have structures, villages, or even cities on them.  

Nature of the water

While the sea is one body of water, the type of water and the quality can change from place to place. Some islands may have crystal clear beaches, whiles other touch on brakish seaweed filled water. Some areas of the Sea are fresh and other are so salty as to almost be brine. Like other parts of the sea, these areas are not always in the same place.  

Whirlpools and other occurrences

The sea can also go from calm to torturous in seconds. Whether it is from a strong storm, or just the morphic nature of the plane itself. The waterspouts, whirlpools and other natural or unnatural occurrences are always a danger anywhere in the Fallen Sea. Some of these dangers are similar to those found on the material plane, while others may be supernatural in nature, leading to portals, or other magical phenomena.


The Fallen Sea is not a natural body of water, so its ecosystem does not resemble any that you will find in other planes. The sea is home of numerous plants and animals, but they can be found anywhere. Some occur do to the semi-natural order of a large body of water, while other are there due to the whim of powerful beings. The water around them changes and adapts to provide them what is needed for their continued existence, and as with other things in the sea, their location changes from time to time.   The sea is the home of many large supernatural water based creatures. Aquatic Dragons, Kraken, Aquatic monsters, etc all inhabit the sea. Some of their own free will, other under the control of the powers that rule portions of the Fallen sea.

Ecosystem Cycles

As Hades is divinely morphic in nature, the Fallen Sea does not have any natural ecosystem cycles. Its nature changes based on the will of the beings who control the sea. While some of the cycles may repeat in a standard and predictable pattern, it is only due to the fact that is what was determined at the time and those regular cycles could change at any time.
Alternative Name(s)
Sea of the Dead, Sea of lost souls, Davy Jones Locker
Location under
The World of Nor

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