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15 Century - After Helm

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Noordhland, the northern continent of the world Aneros. The place of constant strife between the different kinds of Godschilder that walk the earth, the twisted beings in the wild, the gods of different civilizations. For eons the Felya, Nesheli and Ava have warred against each other and over the course of history other races made their entrance into the destroyed world of the ever living.   Humans sprawl the continent from East to west, from South to North, this is the path they took after their creation. The Bergars are locked into their mountains, being creatures of molten lava and rock. The Quvi, short of lenght, but wise, loyal and full of honour, the traders of precious goods and labour. Adonaé stalk the islands of Adonia, haunting the coasts of other countries in search for slaves to sell. Regari prowl the great rock deserts in the south, worshiping the horrid sun-god that lusts for the blood of his enemies. The Celie hordes in the northern east haunt the lands of the humans, riding on great dragons to wage their bloodthirsty wars. Last of the Godschilder are the children of Rj'anil, the beast-men living in the wild, the Khoor prowls the shadows of civilization.   Beyond these, the lesser races, with gods that have since long been slayed or has simply abandoned their creations, in which case the corruption can consume those without divine protection, demons and worse things will inhabit the bodies of those who do not follow the gods, will you serve?