Yu-Varys Ilthra

The Spirit of Chaos is a being of pure darkness, the poor children that returned from whatever they did were traumatised. However, not only were they unable to produce comprehensive thought but they struggled with the traumas that this creature along dealt to them. What kind of a creature possesses that level of power? What can we do to stop such a being?
— Faryn Lyranis
  Yu-Varys Ilthra is an elder spirit and archfey who serves among the highest ranks of the Zima Court. They spent several centuries within the confines of the Fey before they travelled forth to the strange and unique lands of Nonvyrox to reek havoc among the mortals on the plane.  



Yu-Varys is able to take on many forms through the helpful use of several magic abilities. Notably to ability to disguise themselves. However, their true form is considered terrifying. They may seem humanoid at the beginning, but their face is instead purely that of a mouth. To hide this fact they often wear a large black flowing cloak to hide their form.   However, it is difficult for them to avoid the three arms that tower and lean over their body out towards many other creatures, grasping towards the thoughts of the creature. The third appendage is in the centre of their back and extends further than the other two, still extremely long, appendages,  


Often skulking around the shadows in the dead of night. Yu-Varys is often seen as unnerving, the few who have followed and even communicated with them have said that they are kind if not a little bit creepy, imposing, but in the end kind, as long as you follow the same goals as they do.   One follower stated that he would sing sweetly upon their first meetings. Though much of what was said by this figure has been long since abandonded as they went entirely insane, killing thirteen people in the name of the Spirit of Chaos.  


Created before the event known as The Shatter, Yu-Varys is believed to have been one of the first Spirits created by the forces combined of Azrovil and Ilvyr, both imposing segements of their will upon the domain of Yldrivon.   At some point during The Shatter, Yu-Varys transferred from the Fey plane to the material plane. The exact methods by which this fey creature transferred into the material realm still remain secret to all except Yu-Varys themself.   One primary reported sighting of Yu-Varys was in 200 AR, where they were seen grabbing several small children and other objects for an unknown purpose. All the children that escaped were unable to speak of their experience, nor did they live very long to tell the tale.  

Character information

Notable Items

  • Throvain Lenses - A set of glasses designed to show the magical effects of objects and people.
  • Darkshroud Cloak - A strange almost sentient cloak of darkness that shrouds the wielder and allows them to change shape.


The specific abilities of Yu-Varys remain unknown, except for a few facts:
  • They are able to change their form at will, through some kind of innate incantation or ability.
  • They can control the shadows around them, forming tangible objects, from lesser spirits to weapons.
  • They are able to create portals to multiple different planes of existence at any location.
  • They have demonstrated the ability to protect themselves from mental assaults and traverse the minds of others.

Art Credits

Yu-Varys Primary Image created with MidJourney
Yu-Varys Ilthra

Character Information
Name Yu-Varys Ilthra
Age Late 3000s
Pronouns They/Them
Titles Spirit of Darkness and Chaos
Creature Type Fey (Zima)
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Place Darkson, Vilura
Languages Common
  • Zima Court
Status Alive


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