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The Venomspoke Monument

Deep under the jungles of the Aonis Wilds is The Venomspoke Monument. It was built by a sect of the ancient Fieldans in honour of Thoura and her infinite wisdom. During The Shatter, the monument was abandoned and left to rot, from here servants and followers of Ilvyr.  


The monument is a large 3-sided pyramid under the ground. The top layer of the pyramid resembles an equilateral triangle with a large green crystal in the center, the second holds a set of flowing venoms, the third holds a strange and unnatural orchard, the last layer lives the guardian.  

Venomspoke Crystal

At the top of the pyramid can be seen the sickly green light of the Venomspoke Crystal. This crystal seems to be used by the current occupants of the pyramid to transform willing servants of Ilvyr into their people, the Yuan-Ti. The crystal is housed in a stange open-topped chamber from which several entrances allow for the Clerics of Ilvyr and the accepting servant to enter the chamber.  

Green Rivers

There have been several modifications to this floor from its original purpose, despite there being remnants of bookshelves and several other arcane implements. The room now holds four large snake heads from which a set of green liquids flow through the room to several grates within the floor.  

Blood Orchard

The orchard is a large chamber with no access to sunlight. Despite this, several large trees grow and seem to bear fruit. The trees have a crimson leaf that seems to spiral and grow outwards in the chamber. The fruit has an orange peel and a fruit that is a strange purple colour. When eaten, the fruit tastes similar to that of an orange, but with a definitive metallic taste.  

Guardian's Lair

The chamber is 60-feet high and almost entirely covered with runes. It has a load-bearing pillar in the center of the large room, a large well, and a raised dais on the far wall. The walls are made of an elder stone that is older than The Shatter, there are murals covering the walls that were carved by ancient Fieldans. This chamber is a lair for the guardian of this temple.  


The pillar has a powerful and diverse magical aura surrounding it. They have elements of the Runic language spreading across them, carved designs, and shapes. Some of the designs resemble serpentine figures while others resemble swirling cloaks. The patterns are erratic in places.  

The Well

The well delves deep into the undergroves of the Aonis Wilds, it seems to contain a thick crimson liquid that could be mistaken for blood. The liquid seems to bubble and boil over time.  

The Mural

Covering the entire room is a large mural that seems to display two powerful creatures in battle, a serpent that seems to constrict the world and an arcane caster. They seem to be at a stalemate throughout the mural, until the serpent is seen trapped underneath the ground. The serpent throughout has three eyes made of jade, while the caster is holding a staff with fragments of Cauldium.  


Much of the history of the temple before The Parting is lost as its location was left undiscovered after The Shatter. Around 300 AR, several explorers noted that there was a strage green light within the dense jungles of the Aonis Wilds. This indicated to many that someone had rediscovered and repurposed the monument to Thoura for their own purpose.   The first Yuan-Ti and followers of Ilvyr were arcane users that discovered the monument in 302 AR. Since then they have fashioned the temple preparing for a chosen of Ilvyr to release them from their prison. Which many of their followers believe is below the monument in the undergroves of the Aonis Wilds.  

Art Credits

Venomspoke Monument Image created with MidJourney
Venomspoke Monument

General Information
Full Name The Venomspoke Monument
Type Underground Pyramid
Floors 4
Built Before 300 AR
Occupant Information
Patron Deity
  • Ilvyr
  • Thoura (formerly)
Occupant Breakdown
  • 97% Yuan-Ti
  • 3% Other
Location Information
Plane Material Plane (Nonvyrox)
Continent Fieldas
Region Aonis Wilds


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