Mirror of Uvandir

The Mirror of Uvandir was a free-standing mirror that was gifted to the Uvandir family upon their appointment as High Chancellors of Lyvalir. The gift was from a faction of ancient scholars whose names have been lost to the sands of time, but it was believed that they were followers of Xivarin.  


The mirror was free-standing and floated above the ground through the use of some strange arcane means. It was decorated in an ornate fashion with a frame of gold embedded with unique and unnatural crystals. The mirror itself was crafted carefully out of a large pane of Soulglass,a unique substance which has not been rediscovered or recreated since.   However, the mirror in its current state is not as ornate, with much of the frame having been heavily tarnished over the years, despite intense care and respect. Most notably, the soulglass of the mirror is cracked and broken, with very little able to be done to repair it. it always seems to reflect the faces of many people but almost never the face of the person looking into it.  


Pre Parting

After the initial gifting of the mirror, it was said to take pride of place in the throne room of Lyvalir. Sitting above and behind the High Chancellor's throne. This pride of place was mainly due to its unique and individual powers. Said to have granted the person who was innately linked to the mirror the ability to peer to the past, present, and future. More so, it was said to allow a person to communicate with the dead and deities alike.   The sheer alleged power of the mirror made it a point of focus for many enemeies of Lyvalir, believing that the Uvandir heir would missuse the power and wish to conquer all of Nonvyrox under their own banner. As a result, upon the death of High Chancellor Wenceforth Uvandir the mirror was taken from the throne room and placed in a locked tower that would require the keys of all four masters of Lyvalir to unlock.   Over time, the mirror became tarnished and desolate in the tower, but the soulglass remained pristine. It was believed to be lost during the fall of Lyvalir during The Shatter, during this conflict is when many theorise that the soulglass was shattered, overwhelmed by the many whose lives were taken by the cataclysm.  

Post Parting

After the events of The Shatter and The Parting, the mirror was considered to be a lost artifact that would never be discovered again. Those who were aware of its existence did not wish to find it, believing that its power helped to corrupt the people of Lyvalir and cause The Shatter to occur.   However, a small group of adventurers were able to recover the Mirror of Uvandir from its resting place among the arctic region of Tokevis. They discovered it and learned of its new ability. Not only would it allow one of their members to peer into the possibilities of existence and time itself, but now it would create dark and twisted versions of individuals not only to tormet the one who is linked to the mirror, but to traverse the world seeking vengence for a crime long forgotten.  


Random Properties

  • Minor Beneficial Property: While attuned to the mirror, you can’t be charmed or frightened.
  • Major Beneficial Property: While attuned to the mirror, your intelligence increases by 2, to a maximum of 24.
  • Minor Detrimental Property: While attuned to the mirror, nonmagical flames are extinguished within 30 feet of you.
  • Major Detrimental Property: You take 8d10 psychic damage when you become attuned to the mirror.

Destroying the Mirror of Uvandir

The destruction of the Mirror of Uvandir could only occur if a creature blessed by Shathol was able to get the tear of a living relative of each of the four masters of Lyvalir to fall upon the mirror's surface. This would release all the souls held by the mirror.  

Art Credits

Mirror of Uvandir main image created with MidJourney
Mirror of Uvandir

General Information
Type Wonderous Item
Rarity Artifact
  • Soulglass
  • Crystal
  • Gold
Attunement Yes
Historical Information
Owner Hycinth Family (currently)

Uvandir Family (formerly)


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