Amulet of Diren-Wu

The Amulet of Diren-Wu is an ancient relic from the days before The Shatter. Its strange and unique construction is attributed to its original creator's blessings from Azrovil, Disaki, and Pundras.  


The Amulet of Diren-Wu takes on the appearance of several strange symbols of differing gods. But is primarily a bone tablet that has two gems encrusted into it. There is also engraved a symbol of an eye that drips blood. This blood is not engraved and seems to be an eternal drop of blood, if touched, blood flows from the eye in a stream until the drop settles undisturbed.  


Created in the historical captial of Utranival, the Amulet was originally forged by the artificer Diren-Wü as a symbol of their deity Pundras. Diren-Wu was however, charged with power of both Azrovil and Disaki, who had a pact with Pundras to form a triumverate of power over the course of The Shatter. Their influence of Diren-Wu enforced a powerful force unto the world that helped to start swaying the tide of the war.   By the time The Shatter, ended the Amulet had passed hands to an unknown user, and since then it has become lost. While its current whereabouts are unknown several people wish to keep the legend alive and claim to have seen the amulet throughout the realm.  


While attunded to the Amulet of Diren-Wu, you gain the following benefits:
  • Whenever you are hit by an attack, you may use your reaction to gain resistance to the attack. You can also deal the damage taken to a creature other than your attacker within 5 feet of you.
  • You may use your action to drain the lifeforce of creatures within 5 feet of you. Make a spell attack, on a hit the target takes 2d6 necrotic damage. This necrotic damage can't be reduced in any way. You gain a number of hit points equal to the necrotc damage dealt.

Random Properties

  • Minor Beneficial Property: While attuned to the amulet, you gain proficiency in one skill.
  • Major Beneficial Property: While attuned to the amulet, you regain 1d6 hit points at the start of your turn if you have at least 1 hit point.
  • Minor Detrimental Property: While attuned to the amulet, you emit a sour stench noticeable from up to 10 feet away.
  • Major Detrimental Property: Before using one of the amulet’s properties as an action, you must use a bonus action to draw blood, either from yourself or from a willing or incapacitated creature within your reach. The subject takes 1d6 necrotic damage.

Destroying the Amulet of Diren-Wu

The Amulet can only be destroyed if it placed within the Positive Inner Foci, it must however be placed within the final core of the Radiant Citadel, the core of which is locked behind the gates of each of the divine beings.  

Art Credits

Amulet of Diren-Wü image drawn by Owen (Oaster)
Amulet of Diren-Wü

General Information
Type Wonderous Item
Rarity Artifact
Materials Bone
Attunement Yes
Historical Information
Owner Unknown (currently)
Shandrovil of Kyilna (former)
Diren-Wü (formerly, creator)


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