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Teleporter's Sense

Truly, it is the laughing stock of all conditions humanoids gifted to Earth
— A comedian on stage
  In the age where humanoids and half-humans travel back in time or visit other dimensions, Teleporter's Sense is one of those conditions that no-one seems aware of. This is mainly because teleportation is so commonplace on Earth. If anyone has encountered it, they'll often say it's schizophrenia, even when other, puzzling symptoms start appearing (like the severe symptoms of this condition).   Unlike most psionic-based conditions, Teleporter's Sense is a condition that anyone can get, regardless of whether or not the person has powers.


Teleporter's Sense happens when Teleportation powers malfunction temporarily. Unfortunately, Teleportation has a reputation for being a nuisance, and this condition does nothing to reduce people's concerns. Rather than having a controlled teleportation, people often teleport from place to place, especially when emotions are heightened.   Then there's co-teleportation, the bane of anyone unlucky enough to be near an inexperienced Teleporter. Co-teleportation happens when Teleporters bring their surroudings with them when jumping to different locations. If any living things are nearby, then they are often in danger, as the Teleporter most likely doesn't know where they're going. However, when a person has Teleporter's Sense, they pass this condition onto their unwilling adventurers through the energy they release when they jump. Then those affected people bring others to other universes through co-teleportation, and the condition quickly spreads among the population.


Mild Symptoms

  • Sudden migraines (that last for a couple of days)
  • Temporary loss of spatial awareness
  • Short episodic hallucinations

Moderate Symptoms

  • Longer, vivid hallucinations (the DSI have learned these are often visions of other dimensions)
  • Uncontrolled teleportation to other dimensions (the dimensions the affected visit are often the ones they hallucinate about)
  • Longer migraines – usually appears before the person teleports
  • Temporary memory loss

Severe Symptoms

  • Loss of ability to see the colour green (can be either temporary or permanent)
  • Sudden wounds/bruises appearing on the face (not caused by any fights/attacks)
  • Sudden compulsion to write about the person's experiences of other universes – always written in a language the writer is guaranteed to never have learnt (with great understanding of grammar rules)


There are plenty of ways to treat Teleporter's Sense, the most common way being isolation. The affected person is isolated for about two weeks (once they've been caught) in a place where powers can be blocked, to stop their uncontrolled teleportations. Then, they are treated through various methods, depending on their symptoms.   The milder symptoms can usually be treated by medicines like aspirin, ibuprofen and anything that stops the person from hallucinating. These people can quickly resume normal life.  

Treatment for Severe Symptoms

Any other symptoms that aren't migraines or hallucinations need stronger treatment. Usually, the severe symptoms are quicker to treat because the person has made sure to write everything they've experienced in a diary, so professionals can target most of their problems. The harder part is getting a willing translator (provided the language is one found on Earth).   The only symptom hard to treat is the permanent loss of the ability to see the colour green, mainly because everyone who has experienced Teleporter's Sense can now see electromagnetic waves that aren't the visible light spectrum. So specialists have just opted not to treat it, since it hasn't actually hurt anyone (except those that sorely miss the colour green).
Affected Species
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