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Syndes are a pair of handheld fans used by Galilean women in their daily lives. Every woman at least has one pair of fans that they decorate once they come of age, and are either kept on them or at home, depending on what they use them for.   These fans are foldable and are decorated with intricate designs of the owner's choice. Galilean women are often advised to design them carefully, as this design is replicated across all the fans they get in their lifetimes. However, there have been cases where some women have changed their designs, and no-one made too much fuss.  

Types of Syndis

Syndes are used for many things, and many people just use one pair for all their activities. However, some women feel they need multiple pairs for each activity. These are given different names depending on their use and properties.  

Focus Syndes

Although people train with the Fighter Syndes, many often train and hone their skills with an extra pair of fans, called Focus Syndes. They are seen as an extension of the person, as they channel the user's powers. These folding fans are used for meditation, training powers, and focusing, among other uses. Focus Syndes are the main fans that Galilean women use, and are the fans they are given when they come of age.  

Bond Syndes

These fans are used when a woman wants to find a romantic partner for life, especially during Family Season. During this season, many dances and traditions are hosted for women to find decent partners, so Galilean women use a pair of Syndes during the dance. This signals to their dance partner that the woman want to start/develop their relationship.   This tradition is very important for Galileans, so women are often advised to get extra pair of fans specifically for this event.  

Fighter Syndes

Another type of folding fan used are Fighter Syndes, which are weaponry. These fans are lighter than the others, and more durable, too. Fighting Sydes are made of xenolium and electrum, for the most effective attacks. These Syndes channel the user's psionic energy, so they are often used alongside people's powers.   Galilean women will get a separate pair of Syndes if they are often fighting others, so their main fans aren't "stained" by hardship and suffering.


Syndes must always come in pairs.
— Galilean saying
  Galileans value connections with others, which is why women have two Syndes, rather than one. They symbolise unity, teamwork, and communication with other people. If a Galilean woman has one Syndis, it usually means they are jaded, cynical or feel betrayed.
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Common (although each pair is tailored to the person)
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