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Alcian Steel

Named after its creator, the great metallurgist golem Alcia Hemat, this metal is renowned throughout the lands, both for its elusive origin and its incredible properties.


Material Characteristics

The alloy takes the form of a dark, polished metal with golden lines running through it. In a pattern much like Mokume-gane or Damascus steel, well-made Alcian Steel exhibits elegant waves of gold across the metal's surface.

Physical & Chemical Properties

The alloy is both elementally and physically strong, being one of the most powerful earthen alloys in the world. Thanks to the presence of Aurostone and iron in the metal's composition, Earth magic is stored and amplified in large amounts. However, overloading the material with energy can cause it to shatter.

Origin & Source

Alcian Steel is created through a process known only to the Eluroc Golems. Its recipe is a well-kept secret even within the city walls, all those responsible for its production are sworn to secrecy. The alloy is made up of iron, tungsten, and Aurostone, making it a very strong, magically absorbant material. The metal gains its name from the iron in its composition, despite a distinct lack of carbon use in its production.

History & Usage


Alcian Steel made its debut in 1243 PS, when it was first discovered and used for tools. Throughout the years, as the knowledge of the alloy expanded, it began to appear in places all over the continent, mainly still for weapons and tools. When it reached the Arode Desert, jewelry and decoration from the metal became popularized as the jewelers there began to experiment with the new material. Eluroc had grown tremendously due to the profits it was gaining from the steel, and they began to integrate it into their city, replacing the old iron gates with ones made from Alcian Steel, and constructing buildings out of it.


The alloy was discovered by the golem Alcia Hemat in the year 1243 PS. With an idea of how to harness the absorbent properties of Aurostone, the metallurgist sought to make use of it in an alloy that would enhance and reinforce it. Finally, after nearly 3 years of experimentation, they had devised a reliable method of creating the "steel", and revealed their creation to Eluroc.

Everyday use

In places that have it, Alcian Steel commonly is used to forge tools and weapons. Occasionally, jewelry is made from it due to its aesthetically pleasing appearance. Within Eluroc, however, it makes up everything from the anvils to the very foundations of the buildings in the city.
Unpleasantly metallic
Dark silver, Gold
Melting / Freezing Point
2776 F
Common State


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